It should not come as a shocker to you that it is possible to save money even on medications. There is more than one way (read 10!) to save on the money you spend on your medicines. Let us known, in brief, about all the ways of saving money on medication further in the article!

Compare Prices

The very first step in saving money on medication is to compare the prices of various stores (online and offline) and then buy the medicine. Usually, you will find a difference in the prices of prescription medicines at various online stores. It is always better to make an informed decision.

Talk to your doctor about cheaper medication options

Sometimes, doctors push a particular medicine brand or have the habit of prescribing only costly medications to their patients. You can always ask your family doctor to prescribe a low-cost medication plan for you (especially if you will need to take medication for a long time to come!).

Look for a prescription assistance program

There are some, drug companies that run Patients Assistance Programs under which you are entitled to get low-cost prescription medicines. You can also do your research on the topic of drug discount card and see if it will help you or not. You can check out programs run by Pfizer and Novartis.

Find the right coupons and deals

There are many coupon aggregator websites that will help you sort all your discount deals for your medication needs. They have collaborated with online pharmaceutical and healthcare stores such as PharmEasy. If you purchase medicines via these stores using coupon codes & deals, then you will get impressive cash discounts on the final value of the product.

Generic medicines vs. Brand-name medication

Generic drugs and brand-name drugs, chemically, have some composition but brand-name drugs are quite pricey in nature. Generic drugs are not so costly! If your doctor has prescribed brand-name drugs to you then you can always look for its substitute in the generic drugs.

Get larger supplies

This point is effective, especially when you place your order with some online store. There are high chances that you will be eligible for a discount if you buy a 90-day supply of medicines instead of a 30-day supply. This plan works when you suffer from some kind of chronic ailment and need to take medication on a regular basis.

Know how a Medicare plan can help

If you have taken a health care insurance plan then you need to check if your insurance plan covers the cost of your medication. Usually, the norms of the Medicare plan get revised on a yearly basis so you need to keep yourself informed. Also, the spectrum of your insurance coverage increases with every passing year, so having the right knowledge about your Medicare plans, is important.

Drugstore reward programs also work

If you buy your medicines from a single store (online or offline), then after a certain point of time, you can ask about the specific reward programs run by the drugstore. There is got to be some benefits of being a regular customer of a particular store!

Working on splits is not a bad idea!

Usually, you get medicine in two forms (low dosage and high dosage). You can ask your doctor to prescribe high dosage medicine so that you can split the medicine into two and use one pill for two days. You will be paying less money for a high dosage same medicine when compared to buying two pills of the same medicine.

Store your medicines properly

You should always store your medicines in a dry place at normal temperature because guess what?; even medicines get spoiled due to bad storage and you end up paying more medicines.


In this article, we have discussed the ways in which we can save money on medication but I would still suggest you take proper care of your health & stay socially healthy so that you do not have to take medicines often. There is nothing better than not having to spend money on medication, at all!