Moving to a new city for better prospects is always fraught with anxiety and excitement! Finding the right home with good neighbors is usually the top priority for most individuals resettling in unfamiliar locations.

However, the joy of settling in and discovering the various facets of a new city can turn into a daunting ordeal if there are any unforeseen health setbacks. In such instances, individuals must consider taking certain precautions to ensure that good health management is accorded top priority. Any delay in providing treatment can have serious health repercussions for an individual.

Choosing experienced family doctors from certified medical groups at the earliest expedites the process of diagnosis and enables initiation of the requisite treatment right away.

To avail appropriate medical support during emergencies, it is advisable to cultivate a long-term association with a medical professional.

Fixing an appointment with a doctor initially may take longer than expected. As the rapport between the patient and the doctor develops over time, then wait for appointments reduces drastically.

Medical groups in most cities have a list of qualified physicians with a mention of their specialization. In-depth research of these databases can help in short-listing the right family doctor in the vicinity.

Listed herewith are a few suggestions that can simplify the quest for family doctors:

Patients Can Choose The Right Family Doctors Based On:

Medical History:

The medical history of the patient is an essential factor that needs to be considered prior to choose a family doctor. A doctor should have the requisite specialization to diagnose the patient’s ailments and advise a future course of action.

The Size Of The Doctor’s Business Model:

Patients have the option of choosing doctors based on the size of their practice. Individuals ailing from serious health management issues that require long-term care, blood tests and access to specialists should opt for doctors based in large medical facilities.

Patients seeking personalized care and advice for minor ailments and basic check-ups can consult doctors practicing from smaller clinics.

Location Of The Doctor’s Clinic:

It is imperative to consult a health care professional located in close proximity to the home or office as it provides easier access to medical help during emergencies.

Family doctors can be classified into two types, namely:

  1. Experienced professionals that believe in age-old medical practices.
  1. Doctors from the younger generation, armed with extensive knowledge about new-age medical advancements.

Individuals living in new environs can also try the following methods to find suitable family doctors:

Obtain A Letter Of Recommendation:

Patients can enquire with their erstwhile doctors if they can recommend a competent medical professional before making the planned move to another city.

A letter of recommendation can be obtained from their existing doctors to aid the patient in narrowing down the search for a good family doctor in the proposed destination.

Take Help of Medical Group or Health Networks

Apart from obtaining a letter of recommendation, you can also take help from the medical groups and health networks like the Family Choice Health Network to find a doctor.

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These medical groups offer a variety of services from social services, family doctors, dermatology, physical therapy, pediatric services, and many more. These health networks cover all kinds of health needs and offer a large group of doctors for different regions to match your specific health needs.

Enquire With Health Insurance Providers:

A patient has to ensure that the proposed family doctor is listed as an “In-Network” health care provider with health insurance companies. This can be a crucial factor as the cost of treatment by an “Out-Of-Network” doctor has to be borne by the patient. In such cases, the financial implication of treatment without insurance cover can prove to be an expensive ordeal.

A patient has to be judicious beforehand and request the health insurance company to provide a list of “In-Network” providers prior to selecting the family doctor. Most health insurance companies have a “Find A Doctor” search tab on their websites, significantly simplifying the process of locating an able physician.

Reference From Well-Wishers:

Enquiring with friends, co-workers or neighbors can be insightful during the quest for the ideal family doctor. A favorable reference from a well-wisher equips the patient with numerous viable alternatives.

However, patients have to conduct thorough research into the credentials of the healthcare professionals, prior to fixing up their first appointment.

Medical groups are extremely resourceful avenues that provide the requisite information to patients involved in a quest to find the right family doctor in a new city.