How to Identify High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance occurring naturally in all parts of the body, which is needed for the efficient working of the body. But high cholesterol level is a risk factor for other illnesses. The presence of high content of cholesterol in the blood is known as

Hypercholesterolemia. This is a metabolic derangement which causes many diseases. High cholesterol symptoms usually are rare. In the early stages, it does not show any symptoms. High level of cholesterol in the blood leads to artery blockage & risk of heart disease increases. Another indication is to look for flat, yellowy looking bumps or deposits of fat at the skin above your eyes. Sometimes whitish edges of the cornea or cholesterol deposit around cornea are also seen as an indicator of higher cholesterol symptom. High cholesterol symptoms are actually seen from the upshot of elevated cholesterol for health concerns, for instance, coronary disease, peripheral vascular disease atherosclerosis, blood clots, hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke. Following are the main high cholesterol symptoms: Fatigue, Pale face, loose stools, sweating with little/no exertion and shivering of heart.

In order to identify high cholesterol symptoms, it is advisable to have the blood test. The best way to diagnose high cholesterol is to do carry out the blood test on a routine basis. The ideal stage is below 5mmol/L, whereas markings up to 5 and 6.4mmol/L are taken into account as mildly high. On the other hand, if the echelon ranges from 6.5 to 7.8 5mmol/L, it is painstaking as moderately high. Any echelon higher than 7.8mmol/L is said to be alarming. So one must be careful if his or her cholesterol level goes beyond the specified limit and checked up as soon as possible from the doctor.

Cholesterol Reduction Without Medicine

Cholesterol is an important component of any food which we intake which might have a good or bad effect on our body. People who are suffering from high cholesterol have to reduce their consumption of high on fat food in order to lower cholesterol from their body.

There is a possibility that we could lower cholesterol from our body without any medication be followed. This can be done by bringing about a change in lifestyle, eating habits and doing proper and regular exercise.

Those who try to show off or are addicted to smoking cigarettes should quit this habit as soon as possible as it will help them lower cholesterol. Cigarettes have a side effect, that it helps in increasing the LDL cholesterol and suppresses the HDL cholesterol level in the body.

On the inculcating right kind of eating food is necessary in order to lower cholesterol. Foods which contain high fats especially saturated fat should be consumed less and if possible should be avoided as they pose health risks. Such foods on the not-to-eat list should include fried foods, snacks, cookies baked cakes etc as these contain trans fat which more injurious to our health. A proper diet should be followed which should include whole grain, fruits, vegetables, fish etc.

Lastly, a proper and well-oriented exercise regime should be followed. This helps you in shedding the extra fat thereby helps in lower cholesterol from our body. One should regularly perform the aerobic exercise like swimming, walking. Cardio exercise also helps in strengthening the heart muscles thereby helping us protect from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

But with ageing, this type of problem becomes more prominent. So aged people must be careful on this matter and go for regular check up. This problem cannot be inherited so parents suffering from this problem will not result in their child suffering from this problem.

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Proper Food Habits for Cholesterol

To have proper command on our blood cholesterol, one should take proper care regarding the diet. Diet is an essential step in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Foods containing high fat should be minimized and food containing carbohydrates should be added in the food for those who want to maintain a low diet for cholesterol. Food high in saturated fat must be avoided as it results in higher health risk. On the other hand foods with unsaturated (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) fat must be consumed as it lowers the health risk. Few foods containing such kind of fat are safflower, corn, sunflower oil, cotton seeds etc.

The animal-based food contains saturated dietary fat so eating meat, eggs, dairy products etc should be avoided and plant-based food should be taken like fresh fruits, vegetables etc.

There is one more type of fat called the hydrogenated fat also known as trans-fat. Foods containing this type of fat should be avoided at has a very risk rendering heart-related problems. Foods which contain such type of fats are cakes, cookies, snacks, fried foods and other processed food containing such type of a fat.

For those suffering from high cholesterol should increase the in taking of fruits and vegetables. These provide the body with a range of nutrients helping them to prevent the diseases. Fruits replenish the body with anti-oxidants, potassium etc which are useful in keeping the body fit.

The quantity of depends from person to person so it is advisable to consult a dietician in this role.

Adding high fibre, low carbohydrate is also a very smart plan. Few of such foods are oatmeals, whole-grain corn, basmati rice etc. in fact such low carbohydrate food forms an essential part of any low diet plan.