If you are reading this article then you must be finding the exact meaning of three types of damage which is sprain, strain, and tear. Yet, people have confusion while explaining these three damages in the body. But if you are the one who is looking for the exact meaning for these three or any of the medical students who want to know about this then you are in the correct place because here in this article we are going to explain the proper definition of sprain, strain, and tear.

Overview of sprain: –

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The main cause of sprain is an injury that put pressure on the joint and overstretches. A sprain is kind of damage that can happen due to an injury from a falling, getting the twist, or blow to the body.

In the condition of sprain, a knee’s ligament gets stretched while the joint remains healthy. But if someone who is injured with the intense sprain then it may tears the knee’s ligament which can be the cause of the joint to be unstable. In the condition where the severity of the sprain is very high then the ligaments tear badly and even gets separated from the bone. A defected person can feel a crack pop sound in the joint. Although, all the types of sprains commonly cause pain, swelling, and inflammation in the knee.

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Symptoms of Sprains: –

In most of the cases, sprain usually occurs around a knee joint. Symptoms may depend on the intensity of the injury and also depends upon how many tissue fibers are affected. Symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

You can feel hardness while moving your damaged knee

Inability weighing some weight on the affected joint.

You can feel a cracking sound from your damaged knee.

Causes of sprains:-

According to the specialist as they have faced a lot of sprain cases they found that one of the major causes of sprains is falling and sudden twisting. This kind of situation such as falling on the knee can cause of dislocation of joint take it away from its normal movement.

Circumstances that may result in a sprain include:

  • Running on a solid or concrete surface
  • If you knee get twist suddenly
  • If you get falls on wrist or hand
  • Injuries from sports

Overview of Strain

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In the case of strain, it is different from sprain damage as in this the muscles or ligament get a tear, and which are the tissues that maintain the connection between the muscles to the bones. Strain can happen because of any accidental injury and or from continuing movements over the long term. Doctors say that an acute strain is where ligament get a tear from any repetitive motions over so long which may give pressure on the muscle or tendon. In the case of Chronic strains, the ligament gets affected due to the overuse of muscles and tendons, through repetitive movement. Likewise, it can because you are not taking rest while doing the heavy lifting.

Symptoms of strain: –

  • Muscle spasms and pain as well,
  • Weakness in body,
  • Cramping and immobility,

Swelling is also the most common symptoms in case of strain. As we have mentioned above likewise the strains depend on the severity of the injury. It can also take approx. few weeks for the symptoms to notice while it goes from the mild-to-moderate strain.

Causes of acute strains include:

Acute or severe strains may occur suddenly or develop slowly over time to get worst and there are some identified causes of strains:- 

  • When you lift heavy weight continuously
  • Running and jumping on a concrete track
  • Falling

There are some causes of strains which is related to sports as well which includes the kind of continuous movements, such as rowing, tennis or running. It may occur due to sitting or standing in a wrong position for overtime

Overview of Tear:-

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It can happen in ligament, muscle, and tendon. Tears are the breaking of fibrous tissue and it can happen in the ligaments, muscles, and tendons as well. The tear can happen because of a similar kind of activities which let the fibers to overstretch. The tear should be diagnosed properly and on time as well because a tear in muscle and tendon can take huge time to heal. The basic idea on the study of tear is stated that the more intense tear will let the person feel more inflammation and pain till the time will take to heal. Generally, as we have found that non-surgical treatment is often sufficient. But in some cases, if tear surgery may require to repair, such as the cases with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

How it can be diagnosed?

Not like sprain and strain which are not easy to diagnosed, the tear can easily get diagnosed with MRI procedure. You can go to the doc first he or she may try any normal physical test in which he tries and tests by moving his hand around your knee so he may notice the exact damage. He also moves your knee in a different direction to check the intensity of defect. After that, he will take you to the x-ray procedure to see the exact tear but it can be invisible in x-ray if the tear is small, but in MRI procedure it may get confirm about the intensity of defect.

Treatments of Sprains, strains, and tear: –

Hopefully, whatever we have mentioned above in this article will help you to know better about sprain, strain, and tear. But there is no difference between their treatment and how they all needed to be treated. For curing sprain, strain, and tear first you have to follow the procedure RICE: –

Rest: – Unnecessary movement is not required while curing these all, and also you should avoid putting weight on the injury for a long period.

Ice: – You should apply an ice pack on your injury and avoid to place any warm or hot subject to the affected area. Put icepack for at least 10 to 20 minutes every hour.

Compression: – try to wear knee band which is made up with an elastic compression wrap and it should be under 24 to 36 hours when an injury happens.



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