From the very inception, the year 2021-22 has been challenging for everyone. The pressure of meeting deadlines and the sorrow of not being able to meet our loved ones can take a toll on us. Therefore, it is necessary not just to do our work, studies, and household chores, but also to follow the top 10 tips to stay socially healthy.

  The question arises on how to keep ourselves together and stay healthy to fight this situation. However, you need to understand that staying healthy doesn’t mean looking after our health, but it also includes taking care of our mental health. It will help if you go through the following section to understand how to improve social health.

10 tips to stay socially healthy

The top 10 tips of staying fit can help you to be your cheerful self during this quarantine period. These tips are divided into two parts. In the first one, we will discuss how to improve your health, and on the second one, we will share how you can be relieved of stress, and take care of your mental health.

The sections wherein matters of keeping our mind, body and spirit  healthy are discussed below

A. Top tips to stay fit in 2022

1. Wash your hands and sanitize them properly

Wash your hands

As we are facing a new challenge this year, and it demands us to keep an eye on our cleanliness, the first step that you can incorporate is to wash your hands. You should wash your hands, feet and sanitize them, after coming from the market. After that comes the part wherein you utilize sanitizer. Furthermore, it would help if you wash your hands every hour, even if you are at your house.

2. Get enough rest

Get enough rest

One of the primary ways to take care of your health is getting enough rest. The requirement of sleep varies from person to person; however, it is recommended to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. The way you are meeting your deadlines, attending webinars, and whatnot, you also need to focus on getting enough sleep, else you’ll continuously face lack of energy.

3. Connect with your family

Connect with your family

Among the 10 tips to stay socially healthy, one that you can easily do is staying connected with your family. If you are spending this quarantine with your family, then you should converse with them. Talking to the people close to you can instantly make you feel better. However, if you are someone who is staying away from family because of work or studies, you can call them, or chat via video call.

4. Eat well

Eat well

It is advised not to consume processed food or anything that contains a high amount of preservatives. It will be best if you buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meat and cook them at your house. If you don’t feel like it, there’s no need to follow a specific diet, but it is recommended to eat clean and well-cooked food.

5. Avoid smoking and drinking

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking weaken our system, and it gives a contagious disease a little leverage to make you sick. Hence, it is recommended not to consume such products. A lot of people take them for relieving stress, but WHO suggests that if you are feeling overwhelmed, you should consult with a professional.

B. Tips to relieve stress in 2022

1. Listen to music

Listen to music

Among the 10 tips to stay socially healthy, listening to music is one of the most useful ones. Music is regarded to be the medicine, which can uplift your mood anytime. In this case, a genre cannot be recommended. You can listen to any music you feel like, though it would be best to steer clear of melancholic songs that can overwhelm you.

2. Exercise


Every adult should exercise at least 1 hour every day. It will not only uplift your mood but will also make you fit. You can do cardio, starching, or any other exercise that you can do inside your house.

3. Deep breathing

Deep breathing

It is considered to be a sort of exercise or yoga, which can activate your parasympathetic nervous system. When an individual is taking a deep breath, it balances his or her heart rate, making that person peaceful.

4. Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness

One, within the 10 tips to stay socially healthy, is practicing mindfulness. It is an exercise of your mind, which will help you to stay focused and contended.

5. Manage boredom

Manage boredom

Finally, a tip that is necessary for every individual during this quarantine is to manage your boredom. There is no formula, to cure this, but being involved in something that makes you happy, can make you cheerful. You can talk to your friends, family, you can read novels, paint, and there are a plethora of things that can keep your mind off the constant stress of work and the pandemic.

In conclusion, it can be said that, by incorporating the top 10 tips to stay socially healthy, you can keep your body and mind fit, and smoothly go through this pandemic. Additionally, do not forget to maintain hygiene and precaution.