Humans are the greatest race to walk on our planet. No other organism or race is able to dominate like human beings. Humans, despite having no defense mechanism and abilities, were able to top the food chart and conquer the world. This was only done due to the intelligence that a human possesses.

It was the emotion that humans have that has led to the dominance of humans in the world. The feeling of fear from the other species and organisms made humans make different types of weapons and equipment.

Steady Human Growth

This also made them travel in packs and form groups. The other thing that led to the dominance of humans in this world was the process of reproduction. The constant and steady growth of the human population led to this dominance.

This was mainly done due to caring for the newborn. Emotion is a strong thing. It can drive a person to do various things. And one of the greatest and strongest bonds is between the parents and the newborn. Because of this, humans have seen the steady growth of their population.

The Bliss of a Newborn

Even in this day and age, the feeling that a person has for his newborn is incomparable. Such strong emotion can make a person go beserk and make him do anything if there is a sense of danger in the life of a newborn. Young children should really be taken care of because this is when the body of a human is vulnerable to various diseases and infections. Proper precaution and safety procedures should be taken care of at this time.

Even during pregnancy, the mother should take care of herself so that the fetus’s development goes on without a glitch. A mother should not drink or smoke during this time because it can affect the growth of the baby.

The nutrition of the mother also matters at this time because babies during pregnancy have only the mother as their source of nutrition. So a mother should take only the nutrients which are necessary for the baby at this time. One of the major fear that the parents have during the birth of a newborn is the weight of their baby. A light or thin baby is a matter of concern because it could mean that the baby is not able to get its nutrients right.

Babies are the cutest and purest thing in the world, so parents should do everything in their rights for the well being of their child. And every problem has a solution, even if the weight of the baby is less dring the time of the birth they are various foods and nutrients that helps to increase the weight of a baby.

Some Examples:

Some of thebaby weight gain foodis:

  • Potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Ghee
  • Ragi
  • Sweet potato
  • Dal
  • Almonds
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • And milk

These really help in maintaining the weight of a baby whose age is around zero to three years old. But before giving this food to the baby, one should really consult a pediatrician.

Sum up

Breast milk is also one of the most important foods for a newborn. It also helps in increasing the weight of the baby. And it is said that for six months, a baby should only be given breast milk as it is the most important thing to give to a baby. So, in a nutshell, babies are the embodiment of gods, so one should really take them. baby weight gain food should be taken in case of premature birth.