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Posting article on Life Cares is very easy just follow it

Here are the guidelines.

What we follow to Publish a Post Free:

  1. Article Must be a Health-related motivated article.
  2. Article Must have 1000+ Words
  3. Minimum 5 paragraphs with a title (H2)
  4. Meta Description
  5. Meta Tags, Keyword/ Focus Keyword
  6. Article Must 100% Plagiarism free & Also you will not post it further any site.
  7. Article Must have a Featured image. (All image must have Image Source and You must have authority to publish the images
  8. A Unique Author Bio.
  9. You have to share Our website on your Social Profiles.
  10. Mail us for with your article with proper guidelines 


“Mail, which avoiding our guidelines will be trashed.”

“Contact us for Sponsor posts.”

What we Dislike and do not Publish:

  1. Article with less than 500 words
  2. Article with Irrelevant content
  3. Promotional Post  or Advertisement 
  4. No Featured Image
  5. Without An Author Bio
  6. No Spin Article

For any further Information please mail to us editor [@] lifecares [.] org (avoid Brackets).

  • We do not reply to a free guest posts.