It is a common sight to see hair stuck on your hairbrush or fallen on your pillow in the morning. For some, it may be just a few strands that don’t create a significant difference on the scalp. But for many others, hair loss may result in hair thinning, which can create bald patches and make you feel extremely nervous and insecure about your hair. Ideally, our hair is in the resting phase only for 10% of the time, and 90%, it is in its growth phase.

So the fallen hair is being constantly replaced by newly grown hair. Hair loss can be due to a number of factors like hormone imbalance, childbirth, chemotherapy, menopause, aging, or hereditary problems.

Luckily, with the advent of technology and advanced science, there are many hair growth remedies that don’t just stop hair fall but also accelerate the growth process. Right from getting the best hair growth treatment product to trusting natural substances for your hair, there is a lot you can do to prevent hair thinning and support growth. Some of these remedies include:

1. Watch What You Eat

Vitamins and minerals play an extremely important role as hair growth promoters. The best way to get these is through natural foods. Vitamins A, B, C, and E contribute highly towards your hair’s growth, and thus, pick foods that are rich in these vitamins on a daily basis. Vitamins provide sebum and also help blood circulation to the scalp as they increase oxygen absorption and collagen.

2. Scalp Management Strategies

Your scalp needs regular massages in order to keep blood circulation healthy. You can use natural herbal oils like amla, jojoba, and olive for effective scalp massage therapy. If you’re suffering from alopecia areata hair loss, you can treat it with lavender, rosemary, thyme, or cedarwood essential oils.

3. Don’t Abuse your Scalp

Though we all love to flaunt a red carpet look; it might cost you your hair in the long run. Try to stay away from chemical processes like straightening or hair coloring and avoid blow-drying as far as possible. Also, make sure you aren’t using chemical shampoos on a daily basis. If you wash your hair with hot water every day, it can turn extremely brittle and dry, leading to breakage.

4. Hair Growth Treatments

There are many products and treatments available in the market today that claim to help hair thinning and promote growth. Look for the best hair growth treatment product by reading reviews from reliable sites and secure some valuable inputs.

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5. Lifestyle Matters

Your lifestyle significantly affects your hair growth. By reducing your stress levels and practicing meditation and exercises on a daily basis, you will be doing a big favor on your tresses. Also, you might want to quit smoking as it can constrict the blood vessels that supply blood to your scalp and thus damage your hair.

It is not impossible to restore thinning hair and lead them back on the way to natural growth. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using the right products, you can definitely enjoy long and healthy hair.