When the weather gets hot, we all find it difficult to cope with the increase in mercury. However, as temperatures soar this summer, our work still needs to perform well. Now that the pandemic has almost come to a close, we’re looking at the recovery phase of our lives and business. If you’re someone who is set on trying to improve their lifestyle and professional success after two years of silence, we see you.

Oftentimes, the biggest complaint we’ve heard from the majority of the people is how exhausted they feel. This is one of the intermediate signs of experiencing a collective burnout. One of the most detrimental stages in feeling burnt out is losing the momentum of productivity. This can also cause more stress and anxiety, considering we all have goals to accomplish. To improve your productivity, you can follow the tips explained in this blog as mentioned below.

Get quality sleep:

One of the most affected aspects of our life during the pandemic has been our sleep schedule and pattern. Overexposure to the news, media and binge scrolling on social media is one of the contributing factors. One way to ensure that you feel well-rested is to sleep at a fixed time every day. This can help regulate your circadian rhythm, making you feel productive and fresh during working hours. Make sure to turn off the screens an hour before bedtime if you have trouble quieting your mind.

Reducing vitamin deficiencies:

While having vitamin deficiencies can show up in the body with a variety of symptoms, some of them are hidden. Feeling physically and mentally drained may also be due to the fact that you’re lacking in Vitamin D3 and B12. To rule out a clinical concern, get your bloodwork done to test for vitamin deficiencies. Next, sustain a healthy diet that reduces saturated fats while increasing your fresh produce intake.

Look after your mental health:

Visiting a mental health professional and prescribing Oz Dispensary cannabidiol can work wonders on your productivity. Summers bring back good memories of the past and comparing it to this decade, we all need help. If you feel a burst of unproductivity in these months, it could be cellular memory getting triggered.

Take scheduled breaks:

There is zero judgment regarding mental health in this phase of the 2020s. All of us are struggling internally or externally, witnessing so many turns of events. A nice way to break the pattern is to take scheduled breaks every couple of hours between work. Using these short 5-10 minute breaks to move around will help you concentrate in your deep work phases.

Keep yourself hydrated:

There is no way better to stay productive than keeping your hydration levels up! Losing electrolytes and precious salts can lead to you feeling sluggish in the upcoming months. We urge you to increase your water intake and add more juicy fruits like watermelons, muskmelons, and citrus to your diet. Adding a salad to every meal will also help restore any minerals lost, helping your mind stay fresh and abuzz!

Wrapping Up:

While work and professionalism don’t stop in the summer, experiencing a dip in productivity can be avoided by using the tips above. Put your body first and it will help you in return. We hoped this blog helps you achieve better health!