It is not a myth but a true fact that Turmeric has been used for ages right from the ancient days, not only for its healing properties. But, also for its various medicinal properties and other properties which can be considered as a part of our daily routine. The turmeric which is used to serve several purposes can be extracted from the roots of the Curcuma Longa herbs. These turmerics possess the major properties of being used as an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory supplement made it to be all along the major parts of inclusion in the Indian and Chinese medicines traditionally.

For the purpose of manufacturing, these extracted roots are usually boiled in hot water and dried for a considerable amount of time and then it is finely grinned into powder to be sold. In some parts of Great Britain, these were called as the “Indian Saffron” and were used as a natural ingredient in the food recipes rather than procuring its natural benefits. Many might wonder, how turmeric posses several of these medicinal properties? It is so simple to explain that the Curcumin, a major ingredient in the turmeric holds the responsibility for these functions. As a result of major researches, these curcumin are found to have provided various benefits including the capability to increase the lifespan of a person. Let’s discuss some of the major “Pros and Cons of Turmeric” in this article.

Pros of Turmeric:


Day by day there has been an increase in the number of benefits being provided by the turmeric. Benefits are based on the evidence on various researches and it has also been concluded these turmerics have been very much effective and safe for usage. The major benefits that can be acquired with the help of turmeric are as follows:

Treating Chronic Inflammation and Pain:

Inflammation and Pain

  • The chronic pain and disease are usually taken with utmost care since it is a very sensitive issue.
  • The medicines used for treating the inflammation and pain in such areas are to be dealt with the medicines which do not provide much of side effects.
  • Hence the turmeric is used widely in treating such problems.
  • Even though the usage of many drugs like the aspirin and the ibuprofen is found to be less effective in treating with the inflammation and pain associated, these turmerics are found to be more effective due to the presence of Curcumin.
  • Curcumin is the most powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferate agents, which has made it a capable medicine against the chronic pain and inflammations.
  • Also, it does not produce much of side effects.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • The rheumatoid arthritis is a problem which usually affects the bones in the hands and the limbs.
  • The turmeric is very much used in treating the diseases due to the strength properties of anti-inflammatory agents, especially the cytokine which acts along with the curcumin and have reduced the effects on a significant level.
  • The procedure involved in the treatment is known as the RA process and it is recommended that the regular usage of this turmeric is a beneficial strategy against the arthritis problems.

Reducing Depression :


  • In today’s world, which is filled with lots of hectic work schedules and engagements to some other activity has resulted in a lot of depression problems among many individuals.
  • This has been diagnosed by taking into a group of members who were diagnosed with the depressive disorder and treating them with the help of turmeric along with the Prozac proved to be vital.
  • While the Curcumin not only acted as effective as the Prozac to manage the depression levels in the person but also it is deduced that it does not carry any side effects which is unfamiliar when compared to many other anti-depressive drugs.
  • Many medical boards have announced that the use of these turmeric compounds is very much effective in treating depression problems and also considered to be a safe drug.

Avoid Diabetes:


  • Diabetes has arisen to be the most common problem among many people who do not maintain their health in an active and scheduled manner.
    These turmerics can be very widely used to reduce the blood sugar levels and the provide support to produce the insulin’s within the body.
  • The curcumin in the turmeric has found to suppress the production of glucose in the liver which makes it a powerful source of an anti-diabetic agent.
  • These turmerics can be well utilized in reducing the problems associated with the Type I diabetes, whereas it serves to reduce the risk of plaque formation in the arteries for the patients who are affected with Type II diabetes.

Turmeric as Cancer remedy:

Cancer Remady

  • The formation of malignant tumor cells in many parts of the body is known to be the cancer cells in the body and the person is said to have been affected with cancer.
  • These cancer types are usually different in nature and its variant based on the location of the presence of these tumor cells.
  • The curcumin acts very well to suppress the growth and invasion of these cancer cells in the body and they also increase the antioxidant levels in the body.This, in turn, helps to demolish the cancer cells in the body and also helps in improving the function of the mitochondria which in turn acts well to increase the metabolic functions of the body.
  • This curcumin also results in the death of various cancer cells in the immune system making it a unique drug.

Turmeric as a Skin and Aging Agent:


  • These turmeric has been a common ingredient in the cosmetics which are available in the markets these days.
  • The reason behind this is the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric which helps in reducing the irritations and the other problems related to the skin.
  • It also possesses the properties which are responsible to eradicate the bacterial presence in the skin and helps to get rid of blemishes and maintain the skin tone for a long time.
  • These turmerics also proves very much beneficial in increasing the nature of the skin.
  • The complexion of the skin which helps in exfoliating the skin and also enriches the antioxidants which prevent the further damages to the skin.

Brain Health and Memory:

Brain Health

  • These turmerics also helps in improving the functions of the brain and also the memory functions by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen to the brain.
  • This intake of fresh oxygen in the brain automatically increases the functions of the brain by increasing the intake of the serotonin and the melatonin hormones.
  • This increased amount of the melatonin hormones especially helps in the increased memory power in the brain.
  • This may extend its services to a larger extent by protecting the brain from mental illness.

Cons of Turmeric:


While there have been many advantages which can be acquired with the help of the turmeric, there are also several disadvantages or side effects which can be experienced with the extended usage of turmeric. Some of the major disadvantages which are associated with the turmeric are,



  • Indigestion is a common problem among people who are experiencing improper functioning of the digestive systems.
  • This may also extend to a level where the turmeric consumption is more in the quantity which normally affects the functioning of the digestive system leading to various digestive disorders.
  • Hence the consumption of turmeric products should be limited for people who are associated with the gastric problems.

Heart Burn:

Heart Burn

  • The heartburn is a sensation experienced by the older people and the small children as a result of the proactive use of these turmeric products in the immune system.
  • The heartburn usually causes a feeling of storage of unwanted elements in the path of blood supply to the heart region.
  • It can be felt by the continuous sensations of gases and burning sensations in the heart region.



  • Nausea is a feeling usually occurring commonly among the pregnant women and it is caused to the indigestion of the food particles in the stomach.
  • The sensation can make the person to vomit several times a day and also cause dizziness and drowsiness in a person.
  • The lime juice can be very widely used to tackle this problem.


  • The diarrhea is also a very common problem associated with the extensive use of the turmeric.
  • The turmeric which affects the digestive system and the small intestine in many people results in the diarrhea or the dysentery problems among people.



  • This is a phenomenon where a person experiences the abnormal drop in the blood sugar levels of the blood which can be denoted as an impact of the extensive use of Turmeric by an individual.
  • These turmerics usually used to decrease the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • When consumed after the blood sugar is on a normal level can lead to the problems of decreasing the number of glucose levels in the blood, thus causing hypotension.

Increased Menstrual Flow:

Menstrual Flow

  • The women who consume surplus quantities of turmeric in any form is said to have an increased menstrual flow during their regular menstrual cycle.
  • This is because of the reasons that this turmeric forces the hormones progesterone.
  • The estrogen to be produced in larger quantities which can result in the increased blood flow during the periods.
  • Also, it may cause extended periods among the women.
  • This article would have illustrated you with the number of benefits and disadvantages which can be attained with the regular procurement of the turmeric. However, these turmeric’s produce various advantages and disadvantages on a large scale, it is advisable that these turmerics can be very well utilized on the advice of medical experts for the stipulated periods of time to make sure that you do not get affected with any side effects or risks which are associated with these turmerics.

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