A new year brings with it a fresh start, and for many people that means taking advantage of the flexibility offered by cosmetic procedures. Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, but while many people see great results from botox injections, others are not so lucky. The difference between these two groups often comes down to how each patient takes care of their skin post-procedure. Here are 6 tips that can help you get great results from your Botox treatment. Take charge of your skin’s appearance after receiving botox injections by following these steps.

Keep your skin hydrated

One of the most important steps to take post-procedure is to keep your skin hydrated. Botox, Disport and Xeomin all work by weakening specific facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the first place. In many cases, these muscles are under a certain level of constant tension which keeps them from contracting and creating wrinkles. When they are weakened, the result is fewer lines on the surface of your face. However, since botulinum toxin breaks down naturally over time, it cannot maintain this effect indefinitely unless you prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place! Keeping your skin properly hydrated can go a long way toward reducing new wrinkles between injections while also allowing for more accurate results from each treatment.

Avoid excess sun exposure

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is one of the primary causes behind fine lines and wrinkles on your face, so it should come as no surprise that excessive sun exposure after Botox injections can actually reduce the effects of the treatment. Protecting your skin from excess UV rays by avoiding direct sunlight, using sunscreen when you do go outside, and wearing protective clothing whenever possible can help maintain the benefits of your botox injections for much longer periods of time.

Keep up with your skincare routine

Just like any cosmetic procedure, Botox injectable will only give you results if you keep up with all of your pre-treatment skincare in general. This means maintaining an effective daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting your skin with sunscreen. Applying these products to your skin should become part of your morning and evening beauty ritual after receiving botox injections.

Avoid massaging the treated area

Contrary to popular belief, massaging the muscles around the injection sites can actually reduce the effectiveness of treatment instead of increasing it. The reason for this is because botulinum toxin stays in injected muscles for up to four months before breaking down naturally. By massaging or applying heat to these areas between injections, you risk speeding up the rate at which the toxin breaks down without providing any additional benefits. Botox treatments only work if they are given time to take effect, so it’s vitally important that you avoid massaging or applying heat to these areas between injections.

Don’t pick at the injection sites

Much like massaging, picking and scratching around injection sites can actually interfere with treatment and reduce your results. This includes touching the treated area as well as any unnecessary rubbing of your skin before, during or after injections. Regardless of whether they come from tweezers, fingers or equipment such as wrinkle rollers, all forms of contact tend to create minute tears in the skin which allow botulinum toxin to escape sooner than it otherwise would have. As a result, reducing post-procedure redness and irritation is much more difficult and requires additional care on your part.