Feel free to have lots of sex as there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is vital to know that having a high sex drive can be unhealthy at times. Can you tell when it is unhealthy? Is a low sex drive then better? What is low libido? When you love sex and you view yourself as a sex addict, you may have some of these questions lingering in your head. When your high sex drive becomes unhealthy, it is a challenge as it affects your relationship and other things. For it is not a healthy and sustainable way to live.

So, when sex starts affecting your healthy lifestyle, it is considered a problem. Below are signs to watch out for to know when your high sex drive is unhealthy.

It is causing stress in your relationship

stress in your relationship

When you have a high sex drive, you hope to have a partner that has an equally high sex drive. If not, they at least understand that you have a high sex drive. This will help to avoid arguments and stress in your relationship as one is not getting what they desire in the relationship. Therefore, when your high libido is causing stress in your sex life, it is becoming unhealthy. Do not jump to conclusions, for it could be your partner has a lower libido. But, discuss this openly or seek sex therapy, especially when you’re the one pushing for more sex all the time.

You always choose sex over hanging out with friends

always choose sex

Is your high sex drive taking precedence over everything in your life? If this is the case, it is becoming a problem. Particularly, when you cancel seeing or going out with your friends. As an example, when you feel going out with your friends is missing out on the fun of sex, you want to be open and available in case there’s a hookup or you feel preoccupied. Occasionally doing this is fine, but it should not be your priority. It should be easy for you to be open to many different experiences and be able to strike a balance. For this reason, if your only goal is having sex, visit a therapist to share the issue.

You justify your sex drive all the time

Getting out of control in the sex department due to your high sex drive leads to you comforting yourself that it is okay. If the need to justify your sex drive happens all the time. It is a sign that it is getting unhealthy. Yes, you may think you are having fun, hurting no one, among others things. But, where you constantly have to convince yourself, it is an unhealthy way to live. Plus, if you have to justify your actions all the time you have sex. Your high libido is taking up too much brain space than it should.

It’s all you share about

sex addiction

It is okay to be the saucy friend in your friend’s circle. However, when all you talk about is sex, the more your having, and why you like it. This should be a concern if you share nothing other than your recent exploits. Sometimes you may be assuming that’s what everyone wants to hear or talk about. Even when your friends are trying to change the subject. This is a sign of sex addiction and also your high sex drive is becoming unhealthy. Although it is vital to be free to talk about sex, your hookups, and be honest with friends. It is not typical to be so obsessed about it.

You use sex to deal with difficult emotions

Do you use sex to feel loved and validated? Numb your pain? If sex makes you feel better, it will for the moment. However, you do not have to use it to solve your problems in the long run. Looking for a fun hook-up, a way to perk up your mood, or spice up your life is one thing. However, if you are having sex in place of exercising, going to work, or seeing a friend. You may need to make some changes or see a doctor about this issue.