What is the Japanese skincare secret? How do they manage to look young even after a long time and stay fresh without a lot of makeup? Well, yes! Some of it is genetics but we decided to dig a little deeper for you and bring about some Asian and Japanese skincare tips for healthy and beautiful skin.

The face mask

Natural ingredients can never go wrong on the face. They will help you without the chemical disadvantage and the Japanese skincare routine has natural face masks we can all make at home. This can be used and added to the Asian skincare routine very easily.  Rice water is a good ingredient to apply on the skin for a smoother and more moisturized look. The rice mask can be used for the face and the body as an exfoliator. Below is the easy way to make it.

  1. Take half a cup of rice and boil it in a cup of water.
  2. Separate the water and apply it on the face after it cools down.
  3. Blend the rice in further water and rub it on the areas that need extra moisture.
  4. Rinse it without soap or gel.

The diet chart

You really are what you eat. It is really evident from the way the Japanese people look. The youthful appearance has a lot to do with their clean and healthy diet. Foods that have a greater quantity of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants can do wonders for the overall health of your body which will eventually reflect on your skin. Remember to eat for health and not for taste. Try Wakame Kelp; this is brown Japanese seaweed which will give you the right nutrients that your body needs. It will also fight signs of aging. Not just that, it is important to stay healthy overall with a good workout routine and a generally clean diet.

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The right juices

Some natural juices also go into the Japanese lifestyle which makes them this surprisingly youthful. Make sure to have a natural juice that consists of a carrot, one apple, a bunch of spinach and a few berries. We would advise you to not just start this off with a big glass just like that. Start off with a small cup and slowly increase the taste.

The Japanese skincare products

After some lifestyle changes, using the products can be a little cherry on the top. There are a few Japanese products that should be bought and used once every night for glowing results the next morning. You can start off with the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

This is known to be a good brand that is easy on the pocket within Japan. This can be good for dry and sensitive skin.

No skin care routine can be complete without a good moisturizer and we have chosen for you an award-winning product. NaturieHatomugi Skin Conditioning Gelcan acts as a toner and can even be used on the body.