Morning is perhaps the most crucial part of the day because it sets the tone for the next 24 hours. A good start sets you up for a happy and productive day ahead, while a bad one will have just the opposite consequences. Going the extra mile to create a fruitful morning routine makes sense. Even better, integrate some elements that enable you to beat anxiety and have a calm day ahead. Here are some therapist-backed recommendations to help.

Wake up an hour early

The worst way to start your day is by making a mad rush to complete your chores. It can stress you out and deplete your energy levels within the first hour itself. Experts recommend waking up an hour early to eliminate the rush. It gives you more time for yourself and eliminates the need to hurry through the chores. You do not feel exhausted or stressed and complete everything on time.

Soak the sunshine

Exposure to sunshine is the best way to start your morning. The benefits extend to your body, mind, and moods. It increases the feeling of wakefulness, boosts calmness, and delivers a hefty dose of vitamin D. Drawing the curtains open should be a part of your routine as natural light kills germs and brings positivity to your living space. Step out for a walk outdoors, and double the benefits by getting some fresh air as well.

Get an energy kick

Getting an energy kick should be the next on your morning wish list. Everyone has their own energy booster, so find yours. Coffee works for some, while others benefit from a session of meditation. You can even try vaping CBD because it does wonders for energy and motivation. Check Smokers Vice to find an ideal device according to your expertise level. A vape session wakes you up and keeps you happy throughout the day ahead. But make sure you stick with a CBD product only and ditch anything with THC.

Fuel your body

Breakfast is the integral element of a healthy morning routine, so make sure you never miss out on it. Your body needs fuel after fasting for the entire night, and a hearty meal does wonders. Missing out can lead to anxiety. Skip the sugar and unhealthy fats, and stick with healthy, whole foods for breakfast. You can also integrate your supplements with the mean as it cuts the chances of missing out on them.

Write a gratitude journal

Positivity should have a place in your morning routine, and writing a gratitude journal is the best way to bring it in. Follow the rule of writing down at least one thing you are grateful for every day. You will soon find you have endless blessings to count. You can even express gratitude for the same things again and again, so you need not struggle with the daily journaling habit.

A good morning routine can make you a happy, healthy, and successful person. So it deserves all the effort you can invest. Start with these simple measures right now!