Today heroin addiction has become one of the biggest evils of our society, and many young people are going gripped to it. Thankfully there are available different treatments for heroin addiction that include behavioral therapy as well as medical treatment using essential therapeutic drugs.

Both these treatments are extremely helpful in restoring the brain function that is being manipulated because of the high addition of the heroine. Once brain function has been restored, then there is rapid improvement in the overall personality of the person, and that results in the increasing rate of employment among youths.

Behavior therapy and medical treatment are two different types of medications that have to been taken separately, but in most of the cases, doctors prefer to receive these treatments on the patient combined because that results in the overall development of the person after leaving of addiction.

Most effective pharmacological treatment

Methadone- Methadone is taken orally and reaches the brain slowly. The administration of the Methadone has been different in different people depending on their age and body type. Methadone is also considered as one of the oldest drugs for heroin addiction treatment. It is being used since 1960 as per the known and authentic data, and it has very favorable results. It is one of the most preferred treatments by the doctors especially on the patients who did not respond to any other type of treatment. Patients on the methadone have to be monitored continuously because it comes with various side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, and headache.

Buprenorphine – It is one of the most effective drugs for removing any addiction. More importantly, it has minimal side effects. Buprenorphine has a positive impact on the brain stimuli that prevents carvings. It is administered orally but because of the high quantity of Naloxone an opioid antagonist sometimes it is also given in the form of injectable in some patients.

Suboxone- It is a sublime form of the Buprenorphine that also contains Naloxone. It is also an FDA approved a drug like other sister drugs and administered orally and injectable depending on the symptoms. Suboxone- could be given separately or in parallel to the buprenorphine in both the conditions it has an equal effect on the patient and to the more considerable extent it can bring down the symptoms of the addiction. However, it is highly prescription based drug, and no one is allowed to consume the drug without a doctor prescription.

What is behavioral therapy?

Behavior therapy is most needed for every person who is in the grip of heroin addiction. In the behavioral therapy one to one counseling has been given to the person by a professional and a certified counselor. The objective of behavioral therapy is to remove the fear and tendency of heroin addiction from his subconscious mind. The behavior therapy includes long sitting sessions with the psychologists, psychotherapists, and brain mapping experts.