Trying to figure out the best way to gain all the health benefits of cannabis, but don’t know which route to take? Well, we have not just one, but five of the methods you can consume CBD in. These are tried and tested methods that are widely popular. If you’re new to the world of CBD and alternative healthcare, make sure that you read this blog to explore the options in cannabinoid consumption before you pick one to go with.

Smoke it:

The original and simplest form to consume cannabis in its natural way is to smoke a joint. The trick is to never add nicotine that recreational cannabis consumers do as it reduces the health benefits. There are several strains of lowpricebud that you can get your hands on to experience different benefits. For instance, while a strain can help you find freedom from muscle soreness, the rest can help you feel energetic and focused. Many people prefer to use a joint or a device such as a bong or vaping device to ensure the CBD compound mixes right with the bloodstream.

CBD oil:

CBD oil is the second most popular way to consume cannabinoids. The extracts are cold-pressed into an oil form and can be consumed using a dropper. While many people use it as a stand-alone product, many like to add it to their smoothies and salads to ensure they get their fill of superfoods during the day. If you’re working and can’t smoke cannabis, or are averse to smoking, this is the right choice for you.

Tinctures and concentrates:

Tincture and concentrate forms of cannabinoids are highly concentrated, which is why they come with a strong recommendation of being taken only while resting. If you’re at a crowded place and are expected to operate heavy machinery, please give this one a skip until you’re in the comfort of your home. Once you consume CBD tinctures and concentrates, it quickly dissolves your muscle spasms, aches, and anxiety, giving you room to heal.


Edibles are a popular choice for youngsters consuming cannabis for better sleep and skin. Even at parties, this is a fan favorite because they taste delicious. However, it can be hard to control your doses due to the sugary treats. So ensure that you strictly prescribe to the recommended dose in the packaging. Also, make it a point to go through the concentration and strength of CBD in the edibles before ordering!

Skin patches:

Last but not least, skin patches are a new method of ingesting CBD by using band-aid-like adhesives. These are soaked in CBD so that the compound reached your bloodstream directly. These are a good way to ease muscle injuries, soreness, and cramps. If you’re into working out and sports, these are great for you!

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you gained all the insights regarding your options to consume CBD compounds in multiple ways. Which one was your favorite out of the five? Try them all to understand the varying effects before settling for a favorite!