Famous People Affected and Died by Corona Virus

Died by Corona Virus

Coronavirus is currently the only thing worldwide which people are concerned about and are trying to avoid contracting it at all possible cost. With millions affected worldwide and thousands of death, it looks like no one is safe from this deadly virus. From celebrities to common people everyone is suffering in the hands of this disease.

You might ask which celebrities are affected; well the list is long. Through this article, you will find about the famous people worldwide who are affected by this disease. So, without delaying it look at the list mentioned below.

Idris Elba

Image Source: britannica.com

British actor Idris Elba famous for his acting roles in movies like Thor where he plays Heimdall, Hobbs, and Shaw where he played Brixton Lorr, etc. shared through a video on Twitter that he has been tested positive for COVID 19. Though there were no symptoms, he decided to go for the test as he came into contact with some who was tested positive for coronavirus.

Through the video, he also shared that everyone should opt for social distancing along with using sanitizers and more to wash hands so that you can combat this virus and improve your social health.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and his wife
Image Source: hellomagazine.com

One of the first celebrities who were diagnosed and tested positive for coronavirus was tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Both of these people don’t require any introduction as they are quite a popular face in Hollywood. Tom Hanks took to Twitter, to share the news that he and his wife tested positive for this virus and contracted it when they were in Australia.

When Hanks was shooting for Elvis’ biopic, he as well as his wife felt symptoms which lead to their testing. During the recovery period they separated themselves to stop spreading the virus. After their two week of quarantine, they returned to USA on 27th March.

Manu Dibango

Well not everyone is lucky and Manu Dibango is one of them. This jazz legend from Cameroon died on 24th March after contracting coronavirus. His funeral service was kept private and a tribute would be organized when it is possible; this information was shared through his Facebook page. He was 86 years old when he was admitted to hospital on 18th March.

David Bryan

David Bryan
Image Source: APP.com

Songwriter and keyboardist for Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan informed fans that he has contracted the virus through Instagram. He informed that people should follow the guidelines and not be afraid of this. If contracted one should quarantine him/herself so that one can be free of this. Also, he mentioned that he is in quarantine for a week now and after another week he will get tested to get better results.

Terence McNally

Terence McNally
Image Source: latimes.com

This legendary playwright contracted this virus and died on 24th March. His age was 81, and till now has won Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, four Tony awards, and more. After surviving lung cancer and chronic pulmonary disease, he passed away due to Covid19. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest playwright to exist.

Doris Burke

Image Source: nba.nbcsports.com

The NBA ESPN announcer informed everyone that she has contracted this virus and have been tested positive for it. She felt the symptoms and realize after having trouble getting out of bed for longer duration. She is now in recovery and should be free of the virus after she has self-quarantined.

These are some of the famous people who are affected by the virus. Some other globally recognized people who tested positive for this virus includes, ex-football Italian defender who is considered one of the greatest in the game has tested positive along with his son. Apart from it other players and managers who were tested positive include PauloDybala,BlaiseMatuid, MikelArteta, etc.

However, most of these famous people are in recovery which should offer you instant stress relief that not everyone is prone to die if contracted by this virus. Hence, one should simply listen to authorities about how to avoid contracting this virus and stay healthy during such a dark time. Stay updated and stay safe!