Losing weight can be challenging for many of us. Fact is it usually gets down to some key fundamental truths: Eat fewer calories equals losing more pounds. The key is to figure out how to lose calories and then the pounds will quickly follow.

Reducing calorie intake is easy once you know how to do it. You don’t need to deprive yourself or feel starved when trying to lose calories. In fact, you can cut your calories easily and effortlessly! The following tips will show you how to lose calories – and lose weight – starting now!

How To Lose Calories with Healthy Food Substitutions

Start making healthier food choice substitutions. That chocolate craving you have might end up in you rushing to the fridge and eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream. This will add at least several hundred calories to your daily intake if you make this choice.

Choose a healthier alternative, try a sugar-free fudge pop or a reduced fat chocolate pudding, you will still get the chocolate flavour you crave and lose calories by making that choice alone. A good idea to lose calories is to also eat what you really want to eat – just eat smaller portions of it. This is my preferred option.

Low-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products are an obvious choice to lose calories. Leaner cuts of meat, popcorn without the butter and salt added, or substitute rice cakes instead of fatty chips. Try trans-fat-free spreads instead of fat-laden butter, and choose fresh whole fruits instead of high-calorie fruit juices.

How To Lose Calories by Eating More Food

Yes, that is correct! Numerous scientific studies have shown over and over again that you can control your appetite by simply eating smaller, more frequent meals to lose calories.

This approach reduces your calories in two key ways. First, it stops you getting too hungry. Hunger is the major reason why people stop dieting, it also leads to binging. Controlling hunger equals controlling your calorie intake.

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Second, small meals keep raising your metabolic rate. Let’s use an example most of us could relate to; Ever tried to light a fire? Too much wood quells the flames as there is far too much fuel (think food) for the fire to efficiently burn. IT SLOWS DOWN or loses its flame and merely smoulders away. Your body is like that. Give it too much and it will slow down. Stoke it regularly with smaller amounts of the right fuel, and it will burn faster and the flames will get bigger.

You will lose calories as your body burns through them faster when you start eating smaller amounts. If you could make just one change to lose calories then this would be it!

How To Lose Calories with Daily Tasks

To lose calories you don’t have to join a gym or an exercise class. What you do need to do is find activities in your daily life to ensure you are burning them off.

Mowing lawns and general gardening burn a surprising number of calories in a session. Depending on what you do, and how much you weigh, you can burn up to 700 calories in just one hour just by working in your yard.

Taking kids or pets to the local park will help you lose calories as well! An hour of swinging, sliding, throwing balls or a frisbee will get lose calories at a fast rate.

When you are shopping, use the stairs instead of the elevator. When you do get to your shopping centre park at the far end of the carpark and start doing these ‘little’ things to lose calories in your usual daily life. It is the small accumulative things that will make the difference in your life over the long term in losing calories.

How To Lose Calories with Yoga

Yoga is great for beginners. It develops strength, increases flexibility, and helps to prevent heart and metabolic disease.

Yoga reduces stress. It trains our bodies to eliminate excess calories in the form of fat. Making Yoga a part of your daily routine and lifestyle gives you the added benefits of both physical and emotional health.

Just 15-30 minutes a day is a good way in how to lose calories. There are many variations of Yoga, so don’t be put off by some of the more advanced techniques. Even beginners exercises are very beneficial as they are often the foundation movements anyway.

So now you know how to lose calories without unnecessarily needing to starve yourself or got to extreme fitness camps or exercise measures. Focus on making one or two small changes each week and watch the new you and your new lifestyle evolve naturally and effortlessly.

Keep a diary of the changes you have chosen. It is so easy to forget the good things you are doing as you are changing your lifestyle gradually. Watch your list grow. You will soon learn how to lose calories isn’t a big deal at all.