The fertility problems among the people have become more of a concern since there are various factors that have laid the foundation to infertility in both males and females while the males being the most affected. The diet, lifestyle and health practices determine the fertility of every human being, while there are also some silly reasons which may be the cause for the infertility problems in men. Some men try to be more cautious about their fertility status and hence take some preventive measures on their own and end up in the reduction of their fertility levels. In this article, we will have a discussion on How to Increase Male Fertility.

Increasing Male Fertility:

It is not a simple task to increase the fertility in men and it takes a hectic allocation of time and dedication to become fertile like others. There are some of the measures you can take to increase the fertility of men.

Decreasing Physical and Chemical Interference:

  • Some may have the habit of wearing dresses which suits their profession but may be uncomfortable for them. In such cases, there may some hindrance and hesitation towards wearing those clothes as they may create some discomfort to the person wearing it.
  • Several factors may be cited the reasons for this discomfort like the tightness of the dress, the increase of heat inside the body when the clothes are being worn for a long time.
  • Wearing tight underwear or shorts may be comfortable for you at this stage but it will show its ill effects on a later stage.
  • Since the clothes which are tight will not only leave marks on your waistline but they usually might have suppressed the testes regions which would have automatically disturbed the production of sperms and this reduces the fertility in men.
  • Make sure that you get adequate measures to protect yourself from sun rays and harmful chemicals as they usually show their effect either on the head region or the genital organs in the man. This results in a reduction of the fertility factors in the male. Hence it is advisable to protect yourselves from such radiations and exposures. Also taking hot water baths is proven to reduce the fertility in men.

Concentrate More on Diets:

  • Eating healthy and fresh foods will surely help you in increasing fertility among men.
  • There are certain minerals and vitamins which provide nutrients to help the immune system to increase the sperm development process and also helps in preserving them carefully.
  • The more of antioxidants you consume, the more you get benefited from them as they are good sources of vitamins C and E and have some Co-enzymes which helps in male fertility problems.
  • Eating varieties of fruits and vegetables which are bright in complexion can be additionally benefiting the males.
  • Consuming larger quantities of grains along with some varieties of proteins and other dairy products on a recommended level can surely help in increasing the sperm counts in males.
  • Multivitamins which are usually consumed are compositions of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are supplements of male health. They can also be consumed along with Zinc, Selenium and Folate which are interlinked with the production of the sperms.
  • Consumption of alcohol and red meat can be avoided since they are enemies for sperm production and affect the production of sperms.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • This not only focuses on the healthy habits you should follow but also some habits which you should immediately get rid of, in order to get rid of the problems associated with infertility.
  • Smoking is considered to be one of the biggest invaders which totally destroys the sperm count in men leading to infertility. Hence it is advisable to quit smoking if you are really thinking to develop the sperm count and become a fertile man.
  • Alcohol is also one of the causes next to smoking which not only reduces the fertility but it also inculcates the dysfunctions of the genital organs which can be experienced among the people who drink.
    They usually have the semi-erected penis and may not fully engage themselves in bed or they may not be able to withhold themselves from ejaculating.
  • Increased levels of stress may also be one among the causes for infertility among men. This can be associated in a way such as when people feel stressed they tend to think about something which is usually disturbing the mental strength.
  • Also, it directly implants the stress on the body and mind which makes the slow functioning of organs or at times some functions may eventually stop at once.

Seek Medical Advice to boost fertility:

  • This is one of the most important factors which is to be strictly followed while preparing yourself to become fertile. It is always good to have someone along with you when you undergo such strict practices.
  • It would be better if the person with you is a medical expert since they may be able to see the improvements and may give suggestions for your betterment. It is also good if you undertake tests for sperm count regularly, then you can produce better results every now and then.
  • It would also be better if you consult a urologist to check for the presence of any infections which may have attacked you at the rehabilitation period and they may also be able to identify the root cause for the problem.
  • So have to check whether the infertility problems have been caused due to internal factors or due to external factors. They may also be able to determine if you are capable of becoming fertile again, then they may suggest treatments based on the physical examinations made by them.
  • This is also one of the most effective methods to increase the fertility among males.

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