As a healthy diet and regular exercise are important, so is a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep has negative effects on brain function, hormones, and overall performance. Good sleep helps with so much, you will be able to exercise better, eat less, and become healthier. Today, sleep quality and quantity have declined among most people and the numbers are worrying. Therefore, to improve a lot in your life, get a good night’s sleep as it is important. In this article are tips on how you can sleep better at night.

Optimize your bedroom environment

How you have set up your bedroom environment is a factor in the type of sleep you get at night. Not only does this involve a comfortable bed, pocket sprung mattress, and comfy bedspreads. It also factors in noise, temperature, furniture arrangement, and external lights. For instance, external noise like traffic or noisy neighbors can cause poor sleep. Therefore, to optimize your bedroom environment, ensure that light and noise are diminished. Ensure that your bedroom is a relaxing, quiet, clean, and enjoyable space.

Reduce daytime naps

daytime naps

Short power naps are beneficial, but long naps during the day will affect your sleep negatively. This is because as you nap for long during the day, you confuse your internal clock making you struggle to sleep at night. Therefore, consider taking shorter regular naps as they enhance daytime brain function. Unlike the longer naps that can harm your health and affect your sleep quality. Since the effects of napping depend on the individual, it is okay if regular daytime naps help you sleep well at night.  

Consider sleeping supplements 

When you combine supplements with other natural sleeping strategies, you will be able to sleep better at night. Supplements are beneficial as they help you sleep by inducing relaxation. You can try Ginkgo biloba which is a natural herb that helps aid sleep, stress reduction, and relaxation, an hour before bed. Magnesium supplements not only are responsible for more than 600 reactions in your body, but help enhance sleep quality as well. Besides, you can choose the lavender herb that has many benefits and also induces a calming effect to improve sleep. What is important, however, is to ensure that you try these supplements one at a time. 

Sleep and wake up at consistent times

wake up at consistent times

The circadian rhythm is the sleep and wake-up cycle that aligns with sunrise and sunset to help with signaling your body when to wake up and sleep. Having a consistent sleep-wake-up schedule will help you with long-term sleep quality. According to studies, when you have irregular sleep patterns you end up having poor sleep quality. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling with sleep, change your sleep habits and start waking up and going to bed at a consistent time including weekends and holidays. In a week, your body will have adjusted, you will not even need an alarm.

Set the temperature of your bedroom

Did you know that body and bedroom temperature can affect the quality of sleep you get? People can witness this, especially if they have been to hot locations or experienced summer as it gets hard to sleep well when it is very warm. Therefore, ensure that the temperature of your room is comfortable for sleep. However, a comfortable temperature depends on habits and preferences and you can test different temperatures to see which one works for you. This also applies to when you sleep with your partner or co-share with someone. The two of you generate a lot of body heat that can affect sleep. So you need to find a convenient way to sleep together. 

Avoid drinking alcohol


Unfortunately, many people love drinking a bottle or two at night, and this affects the quality of sleep they get. Plus, if you take alcohol every night, it will increase snoring, symptoms of sleep apnea, and disrupt your sleep patterns. Additionally, it alters nighttime melatonin production that helps with your body’s circadian rhythm. Therefore, although taking alcohol may feel like it helps you sleep fast. The problem is that you will not sleep properly for it interferes with the quality and quantity of sleep you get due to its negative effects.