The temperatures are constantly dropping, making us crave some warm sunlight every passing minute. However, winter is not over yet and will still be around for a month more. Many people tend to struggle with sudden bouts of sadness and depression when the nights are longer and days are shorter. This may feel like a passing phase, and it is to an extent, but can ruin your routine and productivity if left unchecked.

Seasonal depression or SAD is prevalent among people, especially in the last two years as we need sunlight for mood regulation. With travel restrictions, lockdowns, and long nights, it is natural for our mood to be bluer than usual. However, you can use a few remedies that make an instant difference. This blog has the top five remedies to chase away your winter blues, read on to know all about them!

UV lamps:

The lack of sunlight means that our bodies can feel dysregulated. While UVA and UVB are harmful, not all sun rays are detrimental. Some also help with the regulation of hormones and our circadian rhythm. A disbalance in sunlight reception can cause your body to feel off-balance, leading to feelings of melancholy. You can get a sun lamp to help boost your mood indoors.


The surprising factor for sudden bouts of mood swings and depression is that you may be deficient in some nutrients and not know. Vitamin B12 plays a big role in keeping anxiety and depression at bay. If you aren’t eating foods rich in vitamin B12, start to take supplements every day. Another way to regulate your mood and quell your depression is purple penthouse com CBD supplements that can come in the form of capsules of gummies. CBD is a known compound that helps ease insomnia and the symptoms of depression. You will find your mood regulation back to normal within a few days of taking these supplements.

Ample sleep:

Sadness and depression due to weather changes can lead to either insomnia or hypersomnia. Either way, none of the sleep patterns are healthy and can make things worse. Dedicating a fixed time to sleep and wake up during the day will help you create a disciplined schedule. It also helps your body rest better in uniform sleeping hours, so make sure to not stay up too late.


Get some exercise by working out for at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week. This will ensure that your body gets regulated with feel-good hormones, shooing away the lingering depressive feelings.

Healthy diet:

Eat a balanced diet full of fresh produce, especially yellow, orange, and red-colored vegetables. If consume meat, now is the time to pack some protein to boost the B12 production in your body.

Wrapping Up:

While winter won’t last long, these remedies will ensure that you stay healthy and productive for much longer than that. We hope that you create a routine based on discipline and healthier choices, as they further improve your mental health.