Going carnivore during pregnancy might sound strange to many. Some may fear that the absence of carbohydrates could harm you or your unborn baby. You may have felt as if you’re participating in a carnivore vs keto contest where you side with one diet. However, opting for a carnivore diet only means that you have chosen to side with the benefits the carnivore diet offers.

It’s worth noting that expectant mothers can still enjoy a carnivore diet. However, it would be best if you proceed cautiously. This post shares the safety precautions to take along the way to protect yourself and your unborn baby. Keep reading.

1. Better Iron Intake

Pregnancy increases your blood circulation by 50% to support your baby’s development and oxygenate your uterus. Moreover, iron deficiency can cause anemia and plunge you into fatigue and cause preterm birth. Fortunately, a carnivore diet helps you maintain a healthy iron level intake.

2. Limited Morning Sickness

Although morning sickness is normal, every pregnant mother appreciates finding a way to avoid any discomfort. Taking a carnivore diet is one way of reducing morning sickness. Many women who have gone carnivore have experienced this benefit.

3. A Buffer Against Processed Foods and Sugars

Those engaging in the carnivore vs keto debate usually argue that a carnivore diet has a limited menu. However, its limited menu is a disguised blessing, especially during pregnancy, because it helps you keep off processed sugars, refined carbohydrates, and other processed foods.

Most carnivore expectant mothers easily resist the temptation to gorge on ice cream and other junk foods. Consequently, they avoid maternal obesity. Remember, this obesity can cause your unborn baby severe health challenges.

4. Lower Inflammation

Also, a carnivore diet during pregnancy saves you unnecessary inflammation and generates more lipids. A carnivore diet saves you inflammation by keeping you from its root cause—high carbohydrate intake.

5. Avoiding Food Sensitivities

Also, note that going carnivore means eliminating some foods from your menu. Therefore, this diet helps you remove all the foods you are most likely to be sensitive to. Remember, food sensitivity can adversely affect your health and your unborn baby’s.

Balancing Things

It’s critical to be cautious during your pregnancy. Experts recommend that you cook your meat, poultry, and fish correctly to get the most out of their nutrients. Otherwise, you could cause yourself and unborn baby health conditions like salmonella and toxoplasmosis.

It’s also wiser to return to an omnivore diet before delivering to get sufficient energy levels from carbs. This reversion gives you ample fiber content to save you avoidable constipation problems. Doctors also warn that carelessness might increase your body’s cholesterol levels and the risk of kidney stones in the future. Hence, it’s prudent to consult your dietician or physician before going carnivore during your pregnancy.

You are now aware of the benefits of a carnivore diet and things to keep in mind for you and your baby’s safety. However, no amount of information online can help as much as your doctor’s advice, so please seek professional help beforehand.