It seems like that for creating almond milk one would require nut bag. However, it is not the only way, which is why people seek approaches on how to make almond milk without nut bag! Since a massive number of people use almond milk for consumption and more, this article shines some light on this topic.

From this post, one will receive insight into the process for making almond milk without having to use nut bag. Therefore, following the steps mentioned here will help one to easily get almond milk. Take a look!

How to make almond milk without nut bag?

Before getting into the procedure, an individual should know the ingredients required for it. To get almond milk without nut bag involved, all one needs is raw almonds (1 cup) and water (4.5 cups).

Now, comes the step by step instruction which one should follow!

Step 1: Soaking and absorbing step

When learning about how to make almond milk without nut bag, this is the primary step where people need to let almonds absorb water so that it can expand. Minimum this procedure should take at least 8 hours and a maximum of 48 hours; no more soaking than 48 hours is required.

People try to soak it for a maximum of 48 hours as the longer soaking duration aids in making it creamier. However, one should keep in mind that the water should be changed a few times depending on how long one plans to soak almonds in it.

Step 2: Getting almond ready

After soaking almond for time according to one’s wish, people need to drain them of water and rinse it properly from soaking water. After it is rinsed adequately, one should start peeling off every almond’s skin. This will aid one to get almond white milk in the end. Due to soaking, peeling them becomes easy with hands or one can use a utensil if required which is not necessary in most cases.

One can even involve the entire family in such a task as it helps in spending some quality family time with everyone, which is quite fun always. When learning about how to make almond milk without nut bag getting almonds ready is an essential step!

Step 3: Blending with water

After each of the almond’s skin is peeled off, these should be taken to a blender. In a high-speed setting, people need to blend these for a maximum of three minutes with fresh drinking water.

Step 4: Using different filters

To get smooth milk, one will need to get a mesh strainer. Using two different types of filter help in getting the smoothest almond milk. So, for the first filtering process, an individual can use a noodle or miso strainer that comes with a metal mesh. This assists in isolating milk and almond pulp.

The second strainer which should be used includes a coffee mesh filtering system. It will separate all almond pulp, even the smallest bits, and almond milk. Strainers are vital when learning about how to make almond milk without nut bag.

Step 5: Using coffee paper filter (additional step)

Now, this is an additional stage that one can opt for if he/she is looking to squeeze maximum milk from the almond pulp. Utilizing a coffee paper filter will assist in squeezing maximum milk from the almond pulp.

When learning about how to make almond milk without nut bag, this is an essential process if one plans on recycling this almond pulp for a different recipe. Also, it provides one with more milk. Furthermore, using strainers means that one will not have to use a nut bag which is often messy and needs cleaning after work is done. For filters all one needs to worry about is washing it with water which is quite convenient for all.

Now simply transfer created almond milk to a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. Though it is advised to use it instantly, one can keep it for a maximum of 4 days. Ensure mixing it well before using it. In addition, after milk is made one can use the pulp for making the salad or baked goods.

So, now you are aware of how to make almond milk without nut bag. Just by following above mentioned steps you can extract milk from almonds without using nut bags. The steps mentioned here are efficient and less messy!