Having a sister in your life is one of the best things you could ever wish for. For starters, when growing up, your sister is your tag team partner – with her on your side you little devils can push for any favour you want from your parents.

Who would ever resist such an adorable team? You may have grown up with having fights and disagreements – well that’s another way of showing you both care. And some grievances you get to know how important they were in molding you for the things you have achieved in life. Though you may be still holding on to that time she broke into your piggy bank, no amount of money can replace her.

Her birthday may be coming up, or her wedding day or you are having a family get-together. This is the best time to remind her of the time you spent together growing up and how much that experience is important to you. It may be difficult to tell her in person how much she means to you if you are miles apart. But with gifts for sister, it becomes a downhill task. You will need a heartwarming gift that will not break your bank. In this post, we share some of the gifts you can buy for your sister.

Personalised photo frames

You can choose from a collection of stylish photo frames to find one that suits her personality or preferences. Since you have spent a greater part of your life with your sister you know what she likes the most. So a personalised photo frame will help you express yourself. You can also have a picture of you and your sister when you were still kids if you don’t have recent pictures will do the trick. To make the surprise worthwhile, you can also get the personalised photo frame wrapped and write a short message.


Plants are an essential part of our existence from trading air with them. We also benefit a lot from them like affordable decorations, beautiful scent, and promoting good mental and physical health. A plant gift is a gift that will keep on giving as long as it’s well taken care of. To mark a place in your sister’s life, you can have the plant’s vase customized with a picture or message.

Key Chains

Though you may be staying miles apart, you will always be in your sister’s mind. As we take on life adventures, we always have our keys and personalisedkeychains will remind her about you wherever she goes. You can have the keychainscustomised with a photo, note, and initials as well.

Personalised wall clock

We cannot hold the hands of time but embrace that each moment we have is a gift. And a gift of a watch tells a lot other than just adding up to the home decorations. We all check the time every once in a while, especially when we are expecting some. It helps us manage and invest the little time we have towards our purpose in life. Encourage your sister to pursue her goals with a personalised wall clock.


If your sister is a foodie, then gifting her with cutlery will surely make her most favoured utensils in her kitchen. Yes, cutlery is as practical as a gift should be, it’s a prerequisite for almost all meals of the day. She may be moving in with her husband or to another town due to work or studies. A cutlery gift is practical and will be used for a long time to come. Just imagine all the happy meals, and you are always in her thoughts!

Teddy bear toys

Just as we are still considered kids with our parents even if we have our own, our siblings remain the same to us too! The cute and cuddly teddy bear toys will always be welcome with both hands. You can also gift her a personalized teddy bear photo frame as well.

Now that you know the best gifts for sisters, search for the leading gift shops in India and start placing your orders!