Health tourism is a much-heard topic these days and thanks to many countries that offer excellent healthcare at a reduced price. Health tourism has become one of the most preferred methods of treatment these days. Many patients travel to various countries for different reasons, such as India for heart care, the US for brain and Nerve care, Sydney Detox & Rehab in Australia, and Holistic healing in Thailand. Many such options are now available for patients throughout the world.

Reasons for Health Tourism

Health tourism has seen steady growth in the Tourism industry and contributes to as much as 18% of the total travel and tourism industry as of 2019. Although the whole tourism industry is facing a setback and has decreased overall due to the pandemic, health tourism also had a negative path. But it is estimated that the tourism industry would soon bounce back, especially regarding health tourism owing to the covid vaccine and international borders opening up.

Some of the reasons why patients prefer health tourism are listed below:


The decline in the international airfare price made it easier for patients to travel across the world for medical treatments, unlike a decade ago. International airfares are sometimes cheaper than flying within the country. Treatment costs in developing countries are much lower than the developed countries. Therefore it is a better option to travel to such countries.

Special Treatment Preference

Many countries now give excellent care to patients that fly into the country for specialized treatment and care. More prominent countries attract patients from smaller countries who have less infrastructure and are more costly in terms of treatment. Some hospitals organize health camps to educate patients in under-developed countries about their health condition and bring them in for medical care.

Specialized Medical facilities

Many countries have good facilities that are specifically designed to meet the various requirements of a particular illness. Heart surgeries are quite popular in India. The USA is famous for its brain and nervous system treatments; Sydney Detox and Rehab facilities are quite renowned for de-addiction and various forms of rehabilitation. Thailand is quite popular for holistic healing practices for those who believe in natural healing methods. Due to these experts in various countries in various disciplines, many medical or health tourists are attracted to these countries.

Second opinions

Many patients prefer to go in for a second opinion before committing to a specific treatment course. For major illnesses, such as cancers and transplantation surgeries, the duration of treatment and the cost involved is quite high. Therefore before committing to one particular doctor or hospital, a patient may refer to other hospitals, be it local or international to check for medical expertise and cost advantage.

 Some hospitals offer excellent care for certain types of illness, such as advanced cancers or tumours, which require attention and treatment for an extensive amount of time. In this situation, choosing a hospital in a country that offers the best care and the best cost advantage works out to be quite beneficial for the patient and his family.

These are some of the reasons that patients worldwide are now traveling for their medical requirements. It is also a source of income for the host country as it brings in foreign exchange to the country and boosts its economy.