Have you ever wondered why doctors and every beauty guru asks you to drink water? As if it’s the answer to all your problems. You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that water is indeed the answer to all your issues. Approximately 60% of our water is nothing but H2O. In scientific terms almost every major biochemical process in the human body from respiration to digestion requires water. 

In modern world when our brains are constantly occupied with stimulus, we hardly give a thought about drinking water. Dehydrating yourself everyday has long-term effects that you are not face. In this article we will discuss how water can bring a healthy change in your life. And how train yourself to drink enough water everyday. 

Water is important for Digestion

important for Digestion

Saliva the first enzyme that comes in contact with your food is mostly water. Proper digestion increases body access to minerals and nutrients. If you don’t drink enough water going to the bathroom can become painful. If you constantly find yourself having trouble passing a stool, it’s time you start to drink more water. Water is essential for the digestion of soluble fiber. The fiber readily dissolves with the aid of water, which supports your bowel health by allowing easily transmitted, well-formed soft stools. (Is it important to note, constipation can occur due to underlying causes that may not be cured by fluid intake.)

Water is essential for tissues including bones

Make strong your bone

Let’s talk about major tissues in your body. You would put heart and brain on the top right? Well, your brain is 85% water. When the brain is dehydrated, you can lose temporarily volume in your brains due to shrinkage. Furthermore, it can show signs of brain injuries, concussions, etc. It can be extra-hazardous to athletes and those working outdoors— especially in warmer weather, when the risks of dehydration increase as a result of higher levels of sweating. 

As far as the heart is concerned, the heart needs to make constant energy to keep the muscles pumping. Water is an essential element in energy formation in heart muscles. Water proper water your heart can literally stop. 

Water also helps protect the spine and serves as a lubricant for your joints.

Water aids in oxygen circulation

oxygen circulation

Medically a dehydrated person will have  higher heart rate, he/she will be dizzy and have high blood pressure. All these occur as your blood becomes thicker without adequate water. The thicker your blood the harder your heart has to work to pump out blood. The lack of fluidity of blood causes lack of oxygen in your tissues and brain. As a result some people start to hallucinate and can’t decipher what’s real and what’s not. For athletes or people who go hiking or mounteners have a hard time determining whether they are dehydrated and before they know they fall unconscious and suffer major issues. 

Water can help you get rid of toxins


get rid of toxins

Water is called the universal solvent. It dissolves almost everything. The toxins your body accumulates from eating food material processed with pesticides and fertilizers can cause ulcers, tumors, and other health issues. Drinking adequate water can help you get rid of all the toxins through perspiration, urination, and defecation. The kidneys and the liver, like your intestines, use water to remove waste. The filtering ability of our kidney system is amazing and relies entirely on the water to function. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood, remove toxic substances through urine. It purifies blood every day hydrating it in the process. The kidney preserves the body’s equilibrium of fluids and eliminating toxins and excess fluid from the bladder.

Water is important for lactating mothers

 lactating mothers

Mild milk is nearly 90% liquid. So it’s important to drink lots of fluids when you’re breastfeeding. You can preserve your nutrition and hydration by drinking sufficient water or other liquids. This lets you keep breast milk supply going for your baby.

Water can aids in recovering patients after surgery

recovering patients after surgery

Proper hydration after surgery can help you recover faster as well as stay healthy. Intake of adequate water can prevent potential complications from the procedure, such as Pulmonary embolism or vein thrombosis, a coagulation that happens in the main veins of the cubs and legs. Your immune system is extremely weak during the recovery period which increases the likelihood of an infection. Water is important to keep your immune system working. Water helps the body to get rid of anesthesia contaminants. Drinking water can therefore be a great help in all forms of recovery following surgery.

Water regulates your body temperature

regulates your body temperature

The main way we avoid overheating of the body when the outside temperature is very high is through sweat. Sweat takes a little of your body heat as it evaporates. It’s the basic physics of loss of energy. Your body uses plenty of water to regulate your temperature for better working of your body.  You can become dehydrated if you do not replace this fluid. So, while you are sweaty, make sure your body refills the water by drinking enough.  You would want your body to make plenty of sweat, if it gets warm, to help keep you cool.

Water is essential for skin and hair health

skin and hair health

Your skin is just like any other organ that needs hydration, in fact, it needs more water than any other organ due to its higher surface area. Your skin has a natural moisture shield that keeps your skin from drying and reduces its flexibility. The skin can not perform at its best if it lacks hydration. It can result in premature aging, oily or rough hair. Most of the moisture in your skin comes from within so if you drink enough water your skin and hair will grow healthy. Healthy skin and hair absorb water from hydrating creams products readily. The function to rid your body of toxins is another great advantage of drinking water. Water purifies your skin clears off bacteria and reduces the risk of acne and other skin conditions. The organic oils on your skin are moisturized by drinking water which can reduce clogged pores. 

The hair will break if you don’t drink plenty of water. Dry hair is lacks luster, texture and volume. 

Water can help you reduce weight

reduce weight

If you are trying to lose weight water can do wonders. People suffering from binge eating disorder are told to carry a water everywhere they go. Everytime you need the urge to eat something to drink a sip of water and your urge for snaking will go away. Take water with your meals instead of soda, coffee or tea or any other sugar loaded drinks, even diet coke has sugar in it. 

Water can reduce headaches

reduce headaches

Many headaches arise from being dehydrated. If you work long hours in front of a computer or are engrossed in something, after the end of the day you might feel light headed with persistent pain in your head. This is caused due to a chemical imbalance in the brain due to dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid such headaches. 

So, how much water should you drink?

2 litres of water is considered standard for an adult human. But remember to take this water sip by sip throughout the day. Drinking too much water at once can have adverse effects in your body. 

How to train yourself to drink adequate water

drink adequate water

Saying that you need to drink more water and doing it are quite different. You need to incorporate some habit changes in order to train yourself to drink adequate water. Once you drink enough water everyday you will see a change in yourself. 

Set a realistic goal

Take two glasses of water and tell yourself that you will drink them before the end of the day. Filling up a bottle and keeping it in your desk can be a great way to start. 

Water drinking apps

There are some really cool apps that can help you set reminders to drink water. They can have messages or notes attached to them that can motivate you through the process. 

Stop drinking sugary drinks

The main way to start drinking more water is replacing all your direct fluids with water. You can drink a glass of water instead of coffee in the evening. You can sit with a bottle of water instead of pepsi. Buy water from the drive through instead of cold coffee. 

Drink water before meals

This is a great trick to reduce weight. It prevents you from overeating by taking up space in your stomach. 


To summarise it all, water is essential for survival but it drinking adequate water can bring positive health changes in your life. It can prevent certain diseases while promoting immunity and physical health in general. Drink plenty of water to have a fulfilling life.