Did you know that most preventable injuries leading to deaths (54.1 percent) or medical consults (54.2 percent) happen at home?

Most people think that most accident-related injuries occur outside the home, on the road, at work, or in public spaces. But that’s not the case at all. When you consider the home as a sanctuary for family members, knowing that the home may not be that safe after all is a scary thought.

Fortunately, home accident events can be prevented. There are things you can do to not leave things up to fate.

Start by recognizing key issues around your home and addressing those issues. By being aware of the dangers at home and taking precautionary measures, you can avoid common home accident injuries.

Here are some tips to make your home safer for you and your loved ones.

Falls Are the Most Common Home Accident

According to the CDC, falling is the number one cause of non-fatal injuries for children ages 0 to 19. Falls are also a common cause of injury among the elderly.

If you have small children and stairs in your house, consider putting up safety gates. Set up guard and handrails where needed, especially in areas with slippery surfaces like bathtubs. Likewise, non-slip mats can prevent trips and falls while showering or bathing.

Keep your home uncluttered and well-lit. Use non-slip pads to secure rugs and tuck away cords and cables.

Prevent Burns and Fire-Related Incidents

Getting burned is one of the common accidents at home. The kitchen is a hot zone for burns, and it’s best to keep children and older family members away from that area of the house. If it can’t be helped, at least closely monitor them around hot objects.

Don’t neglect to take safety measures against home fires. Maintain your smoke alarms, and don’t leave pots or pans unattended in the kitchen.

Safeguard Against Choking and Poisoning Accidents

Children often have a fascination with putting things in their mouths. This often leads to accidental swallowing or ingesting hazardous objects and substances.

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Keep choking hazards out of children’s reach and only let them play with age-appropriate toys. Install child locks on cabinets where you store your medicine and cleaning products. Make sure to return these items to their spots immediately after use.

Practice Electrical Safety

Home accident injuries involving electricity are more common than you think. It goes without saying that electricity should be treated with respect.
Hire a professional to inspect the state of your wiring, more so if you have an older home. Avoid overloading sockets with too many devices. Stop using appliances with frayed cords until they’re fixed.

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A Word About Children and Drowning

The leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in children aged 1 to 4 is drowning. Keep in mind that a child can drown in as little as one inch of water.

Don’t let young children go unsupervised when near any source of water. This includes swimming pools, baths, and garden ponds. Always keep a close eye on them to ensure their safety.

Safety Begins and Continues at Home

Knowing how to prevent a home accident is how you can keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. Practice safety at every step of your life, and the best way to start is at home.

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