Disabilities, whether they are physical or mental, can be challenging! From day-to-day tasks to life-long commitments, it becomes an impediment in the way, compelling one to live a restricted life. But the special care services, like United for Care, is setting a new example in providing quality and loving assistance to those who need it the most.

What Can You Expect from Specialist Disability Accommodations?

People with disabilities often suffer from depression, especially if they are aged, not surrounded by family, and left alone. And in many cases, the right environment can help them lead a happier life. The specialist disability accommodations can aid one with:

Independent LivingĀ 

The disability care groups have dedicated themselves to care for their valued members by extending help 365 days a year, 24/7. These professionals are adequately trained and know how to tend to the needs of their clients. The support is provided individually, and the members can choose to avail of it at their own homes or the group’s housing services.

The most reputed care groups have their vacant housing list updated on their website for your further convenience. If you or your candidate prefers to live in the caregiving houses, you can share the home with others.

The independent living advantages entail the following:

  • The client can receive a personalised plan according to the requirements.
  • The living and support cost can be shared with your roomies.
  • Help is always within reach.
  • Members can make new friends and have a healthy social life.
  • The caregiving home is refurbished and extremely comfortable.

Is This Support Government Approved?

Yes, it is. Trusted caregiving facilities, like United for Care, are offering NDIS support by the Australian federal government, which comes with the below-mentioned packages:

Short or Midterm Accommodation

The package termed as Short Term Accommodation and Assistance or STAA includes:

  • a temporary stay in a property with others
  • having housemates of similar age
  • support provided at your own home

Specialised Disability Accommodation

If you or any of your loved ones have a serious or permanent impairment that stops him or her from moving around, the specialised disability accommodation housing can help to live the life to the fullest in the maximised way. Eligible candidates can also apply for and access NDIS funding for this accommodation to ease the financial pressure.

Both the accommodations would make sure that:

  • your nutritional and dietary needs are taken care of
  • your daily meal is planned in a way that you enjoy it
  • your care, like bathing, cleaning, and everything else is responsibly carried out
  • the caretakers look after your medication schedule

Some disability caregiving agencies also offer additional services, like transportation, to solve the issues with stepping out whenever you want. Rest easy when you are taking the services of United for Care for their:

  • drivers are skilled and reliable
  • the vehicles are wheelchair accessible with installed lift mechanisms
  • cars are equipped with seat belts and airbags

Disabilities aren’t the end but can be a new beginning with proper community care. And rest assured, as the best of the caregiving groups have adopted COVID-Safe approaches to keep its members in good health all along.