Sun is very powerful and it doesn’t provide us great heat and light, but life also. For centuries, people are bowing and offering prayers to the sun, because it is a source of life on the planet. It is considered to be all around us, including what we drink, eat, and even what we breathe. Sun salutation is a yogic practice and this should be done by everybody in terms to gain great benefits. You might think there is no use of sun salutation, but it has a lot of importance, not methodologically, but it has proved scientifically as well. People love saluting the sun, it is a form of expressing gratitude to this source of all life on earth.

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What is Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is an ancient practice of paying respects to the sun and it constitutes 12 different postures for attaining great peace and other benefits. As a healthy and strong body is necessary for better living and we should treat it as an ornament. If we are healthy, we can do anything, it will give us full concentration to perform our job very well and at the same time, we can study properly, go on excursions and can do anything without any pressure, stress, and tension.  

How to do Surya Namaskar?

It is easy to be done, which requires a person to get up early in the morning and stand up by facing east, join the hands and bend towards your front. This time the sunlight is mild and we can have a great peace doing so.

Sun Salutation- Scientific Reasons

As per the Indian methodology, Sun has been worshipped as God and it is considered that life begins with the Sun, thus, it holds great significance religiously. But, now the scientists have been proved that there are great healing powers we can obtain from the Sun along with numerous health benefits. The practice of Surya Namaskar should be done in the morning and your direction towards the east helps to give you a great source of Vitamin D in the body. As it must be noted that the deficiency of Vitamin D causes various diseases, including- Rickets, obesity, tiredness, bone and back pain and many others.

The benefits

Lower body health

When a person undergoes with the Surya Namaskar pose or pranamasana, it works the best for the lower part of the body. It helps in boosting all strength in the legs, ankles, feet and best for your back as well. While doing the same, on will need to sit straight, hands are folded in Namaste position must be close to the heart, close your eyes and connect with the sun. Folding hands have great importance as it connects the right and left hemisphere of the brain, hence good for concentration.

Great blood circulation

In order to keep our body active, proper blood circulation is must and with the help of the regular sun salutation, it keeps your blood oxygenated and the lungs ventilated. You must concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation process during the sun salutation will help in giving you the optimal amount of fresh blood in the body by detoxifying the body completely.

Best for weight loss

When Surya Namaskar is practiced regularly and quickly, it will help in stretching your abdominal muscles will assist your body in eliminating all fat. As it works the best for the stomach area, however, sun salutation asanas should be practices for toning abs and boost up your musculoskeletal system.

For glowing skin and amazing hair

Sun Salutation is not just good for your health, but your skin and hair will also be very happy and healthy with the same. This kind of yoga helps in making our mind cool and calm, which leads to no stress, but a happy mind, which reflects glowing skin and great hair.

Also, this must be tried out in terms to enhances the fitness and flexibility, improves digestion and will give you more concentration power will help in boosting your life completely. You can join 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn yoga and gain all other benefits you can get from practicing yoga.