While staring smartphone every now and then, we spend a major part of our day staring laptop, computers, tablets, television and other digital screen devices. These digital devices have become an indispensable part of our life at work, educational institutions and home.  But, are you aware that digital screen devices emit harmful blue light rays which are deteriorating your eyes every single moment? Do you know that you are deprived of sound sleep due to blue light?

What is blue light?

Blue light is short wavelength ray of the light spectrum and it is prevailing everywhere in your surroundings. Due to its visibility to eyes, blue light from sunlight makes the sky appear blue. Although, a little bit of blue light is necessary for our body for regulating the secretion of melatonin hormone and maintaining circadian rhythm i.e. natural sleep and wake cycle. Blue light is emitted from:-

  • Natural source – Sunlight
  • Artificial man-made sources – Digital screen devices, LED, CFL and fluorescent lighting, electronic devices, etc.

How blue light affect us?

Many of us have never noticed that the blue light is damaging our eyes as well as a sleeping pattern.  Excessive and extended use of screen devices keeps our eyes glued invariably between gazing through social media, online news, video streaming, chats, etc. Sensitive eyes become the victim of eye strain, redness, dryness, puffiness, digital migraine, retinal damage, and macular degeneration. The natural lens of eyes is not designed to filter out blue light rays.  Consequently, at a snail’s pace, blue light slowly and gradually affects eyes badly.

You might have always believed that the sole cause of insomnia is stress. That is a wrong notion. When we encounter blue light after sunset or at bedtime, our body reduces the production of Melatonin hormone which keeps the brain awake and we face sleeplessness.

Are blue light glasses helpful?

Blue light filter glasses are extremely effective in blocking blue light from entering the eyes and let us enjoy extensive use of digital devices without hurting eyes or interrupting sleep. Blue light lenses have specialized advanced technology coating which is capable to block blue light from passing through the lens and reaching eyes.  Moreover, blue light glasses are apt while using a computer or laptop, therefore they are given the name of ‘’computer glasses’’.  Spotted people wearing computer glasses while working at desktop or laptop even when they have perfect eyesight? Actually, they wear non-prescription blue light filter glasses. Likewise, people who have distorted eyesight can benefit from prescription computer glasses which contain power strength in lenses plus anti-blue light coating.

How and where should I buy blue light filter glasses?

You can buy these protective blue light glasses from Specscart’s optical stores or online at pocket-friendly prices.  Specscart manufactures the highest quality, comfortable eyewear and is a specialist in crafting a crystal clear X-blue light glasses using innovative blue cut technology. Every eyewear at Specscart can be customized with an anti-blue light coating that guarantees 100% protection from blue light along with the assurance of enhanced vision quality. You can avail free of cost fully loaded anti-UV, anti-glare, anti-scratch and impact-resistance features on all Specscart eyeglasses as an initiative to promote healthy eye.

Are fashion glasses with blue light coating available?

When it comes to choices of the frame, the options of fashion glasses are endless at Specscart. Worried about prices? The branded designer fashion glasses available at Specscart are accessibly priced which can be tailor-made to suit your requirement of the anti-blue light coating.  Want any of your favorite frames with blue light lenses, go for reglaze glasses and get fresh lenses inserted within 24 hours delivery.