Have you always wondered how celeb moms manage to look all slim & sculpted even after giving birth? From Jessica Alba to Jennifer Lopez to Halle Berry to Heidi Klum- all Hollywood mommas are still able to ablaze the screen even after pregnancy. Well, like any mom, all these gorgeous stars too gained weight while having a baby.

But after pregnancy, they were smart enough to follow a disciplined and healthy lifestyle which finally helped them to get back to their envious shape within just a few months. And you too are capable of shedding your baby weight if you are mindful of the tips mentioned below

The healthy, nutritious, low-fat diet

One of the best tips to lose weight after pregnancy is to follow a healthy balanced diet filled with nutritious low-fat food. But remember, a crash diet is a strict no-no for new moms. New motherhood is a beautiful yet strenuous period. Your body is in constant need of nutrients to maintain health. Any drastic step here will only do more harm than good both for you and your baby.

So, what to include in your diet after pregnancy?

  • Go for “superfoods” like fish that are packed with Omega-3 fatty acid. Your best options here will be cold-water fishes including tuna (canned), sardines, and salmon.
  • Low-fat dairy like toned milk and yogurt will be excellent as well. Dairy products are rich in calcium which helps to strengthen the bones.
  • Focus on an adequate protein that you will get from chicken, lean meat, and beans. These foods are also low in fat.
  • Fresh leafy greens and fruits should be a vital part of your everyday diet
  • Don’t forget high-fiber snacks like raisins, nuts, figs, apple slices, carrot sticks, etc.

Needless to mention- try to avoid junk and sugary treats as much as possible. However, your favorite chips and burgers once a month will be okay.

Sip on green tea

Do you know green tea can speed up fat oxidation by 17% when consumed regularly? Yes. There are various advantages of green tea and one of them is surely fast weight loss. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that boost up our metabolism rate which further facilitates quicker fat loss. For best results, take green tea right after your workout session. Making green tea part of your daily routine can significantly improve your metabolism as well as improve the mood

Get proper sleep

One of the biggest pangs of any new mom is lack of sleep. An irregular sleep cycle is one of the major factors behind weight gain/retention after pregnancy. Sleep deprivation upsets the normal metabolic rate which makes it tougher to shed those extra pounds after childbirth. Thus, doctors advise all new moms to ensure a minimum of 5-6 hours of sleep every day. Yes, it won’t be possible to sleep tight at night if your baby wakes up every day at 3 a.m. But try to take naps whenever possible- say when the little one is sleeping. Ask your spouse to take turns to take care of the baby when s/he wakes up in the middle of the night

Exercise is crucial

A nutritious low-fat diet and green tea are not enough to lose weight after pregnancy. An average woman with normal weight tends to gain around 35 pounds during childbirth. Thus, you will need to maintain a serious exercise routine to get back to shape as fast as possible. The best exercises to lose weight after pregnancy are-


Floor bridges

Forearm Plank

Crunch Beat


However, don’t go for serious exercise just after you get back from the hospital. Doctors advise starting with relaxed strolls for 10-20 minutes every day around the block. Then, after 6-8 weeks, you can gradually take up more serious workouts

Take to warm water

Warm water increases metabolic rate big time which consequently facilitates faster weight loss. So, if it’s not hot & humid outside, you can incorporate warm water into your daily routine easily. Apart from enhancing metabolism, warm water also helps to flush out toxins from the body quicker and better

Don’t take the stress

New motherhood is strenuous. It forces you into a completely new life that upsets your regular routine- leaving you stressed and hyper most of the time. But, then, excessive stress releases cortisol in blood that leads to weight gain & retention. So, while stress is normal for a new mom, she should also put effort to beat the blues to stay healthy and fit.

Light music, comfort food, the company of your favorite people, a relaxed stroll in a local park- are some of the ways to beat stress for new moms.

Final words

Weight loss after pregnancy is a huge task and demands constant motivation. So, try to gather other new moms from your block and engage in weight loss efforts together for added inspiration.