If you’re planning to travel to an exciting new destination soon, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure you stay healthy and avoid getting sick right before – or during – your trip. Although it’s a good idea to keep plenty of cold and flu prevention medicine in your luggage just in case, you can help boost your immunity before jetting off by incorporating the best superfoods for immune system into your diet, focusing on extra self-care, and more. Keep reading for your complete guide to staying healthy before traveling.

Boost Your Diet and Take Targeted Supplements Before Takeoff

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to help boost your immunity prior to takeoff is by eating healthier than usual and adding targeted supplements as needed. While you may still want to keep over the counter flu medicine for kids with you in your bag if you’re traveling with children, eating a well-balanced diet full of nutrients can help prevent deficiencies and strengthen your wellness. If you’re considering taking supplements to fill in the gaps in your diets, you may want to include the following for an extra immunity boost.

• Vitamin D
• Vitamin C
• Echinacea
• Zinc
• Ginger
• Peppermint

Squeeze In Extra Sleep, Exercise, and Stress Relief

Even if your usual lifestyle is pretty hectic, focusing on self-care in the weeks preceding your trip can make a major difference to your overall immunity. For example, when you’re chronically sleep deprived, burned out or in poor physical condition, travel may be more likely to take a heavy toll on your body. In certain cases, this could lead to falling ill before your trip or even during it. If you can, you should:

• Try to get eight to ten hours of sleep per night
• Ramp up your exercise routine and make sure to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily
• Start journaling, meditating, or any other method that works for you to relieve stress and stay calm

Get a Medical Checkup and Make Sure Your Shots Are Up-to-Date

Depending on your final destination, there may be particular vaccines that you need to get before you’ll be allowed to leave the country. However, even if your destination does not have any particular health requirements that you need to follow, it’s a good idea to go to the doctor for a checkup and make sure your shots are fully up-to-date anyway. Consider booking a doctor’s visit for a week or two before your trip to check up on your health. By scheduling the visit in advance of your trip, you can allow yourself enough time to course-correct should your doctor flag down any health concerns.

Traveling can be rough on the immune system, so it’s important to ensure that your immunity is as strong as possible prior to taking off. If you’ve got upcoming travel planned, make sure you add extra nourishment into your diet, make time for additional self-care in the preceding weeks and get a medical checkup to ensure that your health is in good shape and that you’re ready for adventure.