There are many activities or sports that need direct body contact with the opponent. Games like basketball, boxing or rugby is some of them amongst many where body contact with opponent players is allowed within the scope of the rules. The players need to protect their teeth and tongue from injuries or damages, and that can only be possible if they wear mouth guards or other protection devices.. One of the solutions to these types of professional hazards is to wear suitable mouth guards. However, one should note that the sizes of such teeth, jaw, and mouth differ from person to person and they are not universally the same. Therefore, it is best to wear custom-crafted mouth guards while taking part in some activity.

The Benefits Of Wearing Protection Devices

It is most likely that if one is hit directly on the mouth or the cheek, there is a chance of him getting knocked out or broken teeth. Having a deep cut on the tongue if it comes between the teeth is also not ruled out. Therefore, even if these types of mouthguards are costly, of course, the money spent on them is worth every penny than losing some of the teeth or getting deep cuts. One should not compromise with the safety factors where the facial impact is a part of his or her activity.

  • Helps To Gain Strength – Studies have shown that custom-crafted mouth guards help in increasing the one’s physical strength when he or she bites the guard often during the tournament or competition. It is human psychology that anyone while taking part in the rough and tough task, usually bites his or her teeth tightly and of course his or her, facial expression changes according to the power released during such strong bites. So, there is a possibility of teeth getting damaged or broken during such severe bites. The mouth guard also helps to protect one from self-injury. Even if there is some cut or injury in spite of wearing the mouthguard, the recovery time is faster as the initial shock of the impact is absorbed by it.

  • Protects The Braces – If one is wearing braces and is also involved in body contact activities or sports the custom-crafted mouth guards for the lower and the upper jaw helps to protect the soft tissues against any blow on the face. One should not compromise with the smile or the alignment of the teeth for which braces are worn and should always wear a mouthguard while playing games which involves body contact.

  •   Designing The Best Fit – It has already been discussed that no mouth size or the teeth alignment or the jawline is universally the same and it differs from one person to another. Therefore, it is best to wear a custom-fit mouthguard recommended by the dentist to get proper protection. Usually, one needs a mouth guard for the upper series of teeth as only the lower jaw moves up and down and on a knock, it can hit the upper jaw and the teeth damaging them. The person who is wearing braces needs to wear both pairs to prevent significant injury. One should visit a qualified dentist and make them according to the shape and size of the inner space of the mouth and follow the dentist’s suggestions.

  • Caring For Them – One should regularly clean the mouthguards to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent bad breath while playing the game. Cleaning the custom-crafted mouth guards helps to reduce the bacterial and other microorganism infections that flourish in contact with the saliva and in a moist area. It is effortless to clean the mouth guard and can be done with the help of a toothbrush and rinse in cold water.

  • Replacing Them – The custom-crafted mouth guards do not last for a long time, and again for the best protection of the teeth and the inner section of the mouth, one should change the guards once in 6 months after consulting the dentist.


Custom-crafted mouthguards are an essential item since it not only to save the teeth while engaged in body contact activities but also to protect the inner part of the mouth from injuries. They also act as strength enhancers as people bring out their energy and focus on their works with maximum concentration. Wear them to stay safe and active without injuries.

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