Donating Plasma is considered a “gift of life”. But one should not get confused in the process. Donating blood is entirely a unique process than donating plasma. In such a process, blood is taken out from your body, plasma is extracted from it and the blood is then returned to your body.

The process is quite painful and takes about an hour to complete. However, before donating plasma one should be aware of its benefits and process.

What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the yellowish colour liquid found in the blood that remains after red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other cellular components are removed from your blood. In other words, Plasma is the largest component of human blood, comprising 55% of the total volume of the blood.

Pros of Donating Plasma

1. It gives you the opportunity to help others in need

Donating plasma is like a blessing to the one who requires it urgently. It is used to save the lives of people which would have been difficult to save otherwise and it is often of the best ways to help others. One may also donate plasma when you are in dire need of funds to meet your daily expenses by doing a kind act.

2. Doing this kind of act help saves the lives of many people

Donating plasma is quite useful in such cases where a patient is in dire need of it and who is suffering from severe health issues like leukaemia which is not possible to cure without the need of plasma to save the life of the patient.

3. It lowers the risk of having severe health conditions

Donating plasma is not useful for the individual to whom we donate but is quite useful for the donor as well as it reduces or completely eliminates the risk of developing severe health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

4. The process is quite safe

The process of donating plasma is quite safe. The donor who is donating plasma remains safe throughout the process. It is kept in mind that the current health of the donor who is donating plasma to check their health status at the moment. This process makes safe the donor as well as the recipient safe.

Things to be considered while donating plasma

  1. Firstly verify and check the centre you are visiting to donate your plasma as this will save you from getting any kind of infection in your body.
  2. While donating plasma keep this thing in mind do not donate it in excess as it might cause certain health issues in the long run.
  3. Before you donate plasma, ensure that your body is properly hydrated that will ensure the process to become smoother and will save you to get dizziness, nausea or other symptoms.
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