Having at Stye inside the eyelid can be painful and irritating. It impacts our day to day activity. Stye looks like a boil or a pimple. Generally, without any medication, it takes a week for the stye to be cured after the pus inside is out. 

Eyelid hygiene is also essential when we speak about normal hygiene. It is highly recommended by all the doctors that you should clean your face and eyes before going to bed. Not only that, you should also get into the habit of cleaning your eyes even when you feel a burning sensation.

There are several eyelid cleansers available solely for cleansing and cleaning your eyelid daily out in the market. Go ahead and get one. 

Not only maintaining hygiene is important, but also, a stye can happen due to stress or hormonal changes. If you notice that you have been getting stye more often than others, do check with your doctor immediately. If its stress, try some meditation that will surely help you in relaxing yourself and reducing your frequency of getting stye.

Along with these, even less sleep or any vitamin deficiency cause style. Go ahead and check which vitamin is causing the development of style and balance your diet. Ensure that you get an ample amount of sleep. Again, medication helps in this case.

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However, waiting for that long isn’t easy for all. Hence, this article has been designed for you so that you can follow these amazing home remedies and treatments at your own ease and get rid of this obstacle in no time.

• Warm Compress: 
Press a wet clean cloth damped in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not press hard and you can do this step for 4 to 5 times a day

Clean your Eyelid:
You can try this multiple time a day where you can rinse your affected eyes with warm water or can gently wipe off using cotton

• Warm Tea Bag:
Just like Warm compress, you can try this instead. You need to dip the tea bag in warm water for some time and once the tea bag cools down, place it on your eyes. Do not use the same teabag on both your eyes 

No Makeup or contact lenses:
Avoid wearing any eye makeup or using contact lenses until the stye goes away. This might worsen the situation

• Cucumbers or Potatoes: 
Putting a slice of cucumber or potato gives the cooling effect for your infection. It will help in decreasing the inflammation and make it a bit bearable for you until it goes away

• Antibiotics ointments and Painkillers: 
Check with your doctor and they will be able to provide you the right ointment and painkiller that should help you heal your eyelids from infection

Home remedies and treatments are enough for you to get rid of the style. You can try these methods multiple times in a row or in a day. As this is an infection or inflammation, if necessary, then only opt in for painkillers. You may also try massaging the are for the puss to drain out by itself. Do not put too much pressure which massaging. 

Here are a few symptoms that you can look out for and start taking precautions immediately.

• a lump or swelling on the eyelid
• pain and redness
• crusting at the margins of the eyelids
• burning sensation
• itching 
• blurry vision
• discharge of mucus from the eye

You can also prevent stye’s in future by ensuring that you clean your eyelids everyday before going to bed. Do not go to bed with your makeups on. Stye’s are formed because of the dirt and bacteria that your eyes get attracted to everyday. You can also dilute some no tear shampoo or light cleanser to warm water and use a cotton to dab it to clean your eyelids thoroughly. Do not overdo it and do not try to pop out the stye as this might be painful and the pus will spread the infection. 

Follow the home remedies and treatments mentioned here. This will help you get rid of this painful stye without any issue. Even if it’s not painful, try to maintain the same hygiene for your eyelid every day. Developing or getting a stye is normal. Every person gets a stye at least once in their life. Hygiene is the key here.