Parasites are like tiny vampires, seeking out the nutrients in our bodies and sucking them dry. They feast on us through what we eat that has not been properly cooked. These parasites also come from an unclean water riverbed contaminated by human waste. Suppose you feel gassy, vomiting stomach acid while feeling nauseous after eating a salad. In that case, it’s likely related to a parasitic infection.

These parasites can be protozoan (single-cell organisms) or helminths (worms and larvae), living inside a host’s body, surviving off its nutrition. Parasitic infection can be quite problematic for many people as it causes severe gut disturbances. For any parasitic infections, the only remedy is through natural ingredients.

What are the symptoms?

Parasites are everywhere and even living inside of us. These pesky little creatures cause multiple symptoms that vary from person to person, including:

•Abdominal Pain
•Loose stool containing blood or mucus
•Rashes or infections around the anal area
•Weight loss
•Presence of worm in feces

If you are feeling any of the symptoms described, it is time to get a checkup. Book an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible and get tested today. There are many ways doctors will examine stool samples. It’s either by using scotch tape at the anal area, which takes some time before being examined or looking through feces that may contain parasites.

If your stool test yielded a positive result, see what course of treatment is best for you. Immediately start following some parasite-cleansing routines and make sure they’re working effectively before continuing on any other diet or exercise regimen.

What are natural remedies?

There are many ways to do parasite cleansing. Natural fruits and vegetables work like a charm in cleaning the body from these parasites. Compared to medicines, para cleansing using natural ingredients is far gentler on your gut. Some of the ingredients with significant benefits against parasitic worms include:


This fruit is famous for its healing properties. It has a high concentration of an enzyme that can kill parasites. It also helps break down proteins so intestinal worms cannot survive in the stomach for as long. Pineapple can be made part of the diet if one wants to flush out bodily parasites.


One of the many great benefits that pumpkin has to offer is its ability as a natural worm-killer. It contains Cucurbita, an excellent compound in eradicating pesky worms from our bodies. In addition, it can help stimulate healthy bowel movements and facilitate the removal of parasites.


Garlic is used to create a robust immune system and cleanse the body from parasites. This pungent yet delicious spice possesses medicinal properties, utilized for centuries in early medical practices. Garlic contains sulfur which strengthens our immunity and helps with intestinal health by killing harmful bacteria living inside us.


This super spice can increase not only your stomach acid production but also promote healthy blood circulation. It kills parasites and prevents further infection.


Many people are turning to turmeric as an alternative treatment for illnesses such as acute blood poisoning. Once ingested, it binds with erythrocytes and attacks the bacteria that cause many infections in humans.


Cloves have been hailed to cure many ailments, including intestinal worms, parasites, and eggs. The compound eugenol in cloves can deworm your intestines as well as helping with bacteria related to other diseases.

Consuming these ingredients can cause other complications, so start off with a small amount and always ask for professional advice. Most experts recommend following the parasite cleanse routine for about two weeks then taking a short break before starting again. For kids, doses are calculated based on weight and usually lower at the physician’s recommendation.

Take Precautionary Measures

There are many effective remedies for complete deworming of the intestine. Still, we should also take precautionary measures to avoid getting it in the first place. For example, always cover your face when you’re around smoke or dust areas. Don’t drink any water that hasn’t been boiled because there might be parasites lurking. In addition to this, make sure you thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating. Check if they have anything on them, such as dirt particles containing pathogens like salmonella.

To avoid intestinal parasites, you should severely restrict the use of coffee, alcohol, and meat. It’s also essential to have purified or boiled water when traveling.


Intestinal parasites will always be annoying and can cause trouble if not dealt with at the early stages. Don’t forget to maintain strict sanitation routines, and advise children to do so as well. Avoid unhealthy food, water, or places to avoid any possible contamination that may lead to a parasitic attack. Be smart about your diet by checking for anything out of place more often than usual; this way, you’ll know what’s up before it gets bad enough to need medical attention.