Given the current scenario, one needs to keep themselves free from all the pressure of the outside world. Yoga, in such instances, can offer great relief. It is not only calming but also offers different bodily benefits. Yoga can help you stay more productive, healthy, and active all day. By practicing yoga at home, you will not only keep yourself happy but also the family members will feel the positivity around you. Consider looking for a yoga teacher training program to find the center to offer you the right assistance. When you have professional training for a beginner, it will guarantee you follow the right process and get the best outcomes. The steps here will help you start your yoga practice at home.

Steps to practice yoga at home

The steps are given here can offer you a hassle-free and convenient yoga practice session.

1. Learn how to breathe

The most basic thing you need to do while beginning a yoga practice is to learn how to breathe properly, especially while holding the postures. You must learn Dirga Pranayama breathing for your yoga. You must breathe in and breathe out through your nose. You must remember to let your breath guide you throughout the yoga practice. This will help you stay calm.

2. Begin with a brief meditation

Begin your yoga practice with some meditation. Make sure you sit on the ground for a few minutes to calm yourself. While meditating, keep your mind calm and focused. Also, you must set an intention for prayer for your practice at the beginning of your meditation.

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3. Try out basic level postures

When you are a beginner, it will not be good to move on directly to try out difficult yoga poses as it can lead to some serious injuries. Instead, make sure you begin with some warm-up sequences and then move to the basic yoga poses like cat dog, cobra, down dog, mountain triangle, seated twist, etc. Once you get used to the basic poses, you can move ahead with the other yoga postures. But, again, make sure to take it slowly and only perform the postures when you are comfortable.

4. End with Savasana

It is essential to complete the yoga session with some relaxation. Doing Shavasana can be helpful. For this, you have to rest your back and relax your body for at least 5 to 15 minutes at the end of every session. Besides, it is also advised to practice short seated meditation at the end to integrate practice and get back to the normal world.

Beginner’s yoga tips

1. Pick the right time

Generally, the morning time is the best for practicing yoga as it helps keep the energy levels high the entire day. However, you can choose any time of the day at your convenience. For example, with evening yoga sessions, you can relieve the stress collected during the daytime.

2. Choose a comfortable place

It will be good to have a small private space in your house to practice your yoga daily. When you practice yoga in a small space, it will create a positive vibration in the room, which will produce strength, healing, and comfort for you and other family members. Or you can even choose a quiet space. The room must be large enough to accommodate your yoga mat. Remember, you need to perform your yoga in a well-ventilated and clean space.

3. Do empty yoga stomach

The yoga postures will work great when you practice them empty stomach. Ensure you have at least a 2 to 3 hours gap between the meals and your yoga practice.

4. Warm-up before intense yoga postures

Warming up before yoga is of great importance, or else you will end up straining your muscles. So make sure you start your yoga practice by warming up your body and doing some stretches that help bring back the flexibility before moving ahead to some difficult yoga postures.

5. Be consistent

You must do your yoga practice daily. Doing yoga daily will help bring positivity to your life. When you perform yoga every day for at least 20 minutes, it will help show some positive results sooner.


Yoga helps the mind and the body to relax and rejuvenate. It is an excellent substitute for medicine. However, to perform yoga the right way, you must learn it under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher. You can consider looking for yin yoga teacher training programs to learn yoga for beginners. They are easy to do yoga poses that will offer you great results but will not stress your body in any way. Remember it is vital to get the training done by a reputed center. So make sure to research and find the top option for your yoga learning.