The role that gynecologist plays is always crucial. Unfortunately, most of the women think that they should visit a gynecologist only when they are pregnant or after they have delivered a baby. The reality is far from this thinking. Females must visit their gynecologists somewhat regular to keep control of their health because many times there grow ailments that go unnoticed and turn out to be dangerous. You have the best gynecologist in India if you are ready to visit them. Don’t give yourself lame excuses and get your body evaluated today for a good future.

Actually most of the women considered regular health check-ups by a gynecologist important, but in reality, the number of women who visit gynecologists is very less. It is the need of the hour to spread awareness among women related to the vitality of visiting gynecologists on the regular intermissions. It is no longer a matter of shame or hesitation after all a female cannot compromise with her health. If you have been avoiding your appointments with your gynecologists then you are doing harm to yourself only.  

Do you need to see your gynecologist regularly? 

  • Actually, every female must see a gynecologist to endorse good health. Once you start to explore, you would experience its importance. Right from the time of puberty, when reproductive organs begin to get matured, women must be frequently assessed by a gynecological specialist. 
  • Females should schedule an examination between the times of thirteen and fifteen or when they get sexually active. Certainly, the physicians can enlighten about normal bodily activities and answer any of the related queries about menstruation that might arise. Doctors can certainly advise elderly females about menopause and hormone replacement therapy too. There is no uncertainty that maintaining a close relationship with a gynecologist shall be supportive over the years. 
  • You know during a yearly woman examination, an OB/GYN shall perform pelvic and breast examinations. A pelvic exam allows the inspection of the cervix, and a Pap smear permits the evaluation of a couple of cells microscopically for any perhaps cancerous cells. Females should go for a pelvic test yearly, whether or not they are facing a Pap smear. The point is that the gynecologist can measure various disorders of the reproductive system through an examination. The gynecologist can also carry out tests with tissue and blood cultures. 
  • Similarly, self-examination or an examination by a specialist can even discover breast irregularities early. From there, a mammogram visualizes breast tissue for any possible cancerous changes. Here, digital imaging software employed in the computerized mammography can eliminate some errors in reading. If you are tackling any type of uneasiness or strangeness in the behavior of the breasts and menstrual cycle, it is always better to consult your gynecologist.  These small things can be a hint towards a bigger thing. 

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You know if you go to your gynaecologist regularly, it would help you in myriad of ways like:

  • Help you in understanding your body and how to do care for it
  • Cater you and the doctor an idea of what is normal for you. in this way  you can easily notice any issue or changes, such as hints of a vaginal infection
  • By doing this you permit the doctor to find out an issue if there is any. The sooner you get to know about a health hazard, the better it would be for the remedy.
  • The doctor tells what a general vaginal discharge External link should look like and what could be a sign of an issue
  • It teaches you how to protect yourself if you have sex

Similarly you should not avoid visiting your gynaecologist if:

  • Your period is really heavy, unusual or even lasts more than a week
  • You’re fourteen and you haven’t experience any type of changes from puberty
  • You’re sixteen and haven’t had any period so far.
  • You are going through severe menstrual cramps or any other type of pelvic pains
  • You have vaginal redness, sores, itching,   swelling, unusual odour or even discharge
  • You might be pregnant
  • You want to have a word about safe sex
  • You’ve been having periods for more than a year and getting irregular periods
  • You have missed more than three periods and you can wait for the time of three months in case you are certain that you are not pregnant.  But if there is even a smidgen of chance that you are pregnant then you must see your gynaecologist right away.
  • You feel a strange burning sensation while urinating

So, find out the best gynaecology doctors in India and consult today!