Well, how sure you are that you are not suffering from HIV? What is the guarantee? Well, there is only one way to be sure and that is through the free HIV testing in West Hollywood.  If you are doubtful that you are exposed to HIV, then it might be the best time that you need to speak to a professional doctor.

You must not ever think that you are the one who is not at risk, even though you are having sex at regular intervals. Testing yourself regularly is good especially for those who are engaging themselves in regular sex activities.

Another thing that is also very significant for the woman who is pregnant is that they are getting tested for HIV. If you are sure about your status, then you can easily avoid passing the virus to your baby.

You must also be sure of all the terms related to HIV.  you must know about the window period which means the amount of time that the HIV will take after the infection to give you a result that you are affected or not. It is very important to know about the window periods.

Also, make sure that you are never getting delayed in getting yourself tested if you really think that you are exposed to HIV.

Make HIV test a Routine:

It is very much recommended that you are getting yourself tested for HIV and all the other sexually transmitted diseases. You must make it a habit that you have to take this test at least once a year. Make sure that while you are having sex, you are always using protection.

You must try to test more regularly as sometimes when you are having sex with a new partner and you are feeling that you are more at risk. The people who are more at risk must are suggested to visit a clinic or make it a habit at home to test more regularly.

The men who are having sex with men must take the test every 3-6 months as it is strongly advised. If you are testing regularly, it is also going to put your mind at rest. If by any chance you are tested positive, then you can start your treatment as quickly as possible which is only going to protect your health.

Should you wait to test for HIV?

Well, you must be clear that you must be taking the test. Make sure that while you are having the test, make sure of the times you had unprotected sex or shared injections or might think of the ways which could put you at risk. After that make sure that you talk to your doctor as soon as possible and take the Free HIV testing in West Hollywood.

If you are tested positive, then you must talk about your situation to your doctor and they will help you decide in taking your next step. Visit a healthcare professional in the next 72 hours if you really think you are at the risk of getting HIV, then these professionals can help you offer you the PEP which means post-exposure prophylaxis.

PEP is among the emergency HIV treatment that can easily prevent HIV infection. This has to start in the 72 hours of time getting tested and must be taken properly. You must also know that PEP is not always available. The healthcare professionals are only going to give it to you if they think that you are at high risk of getting HIV.

You need to take a test before as well as after the PEP in order to make sure that the treatment is working properly.

If the time for taking the PEP has passed, then you are going to get the most modern tests for HIV and will be able to detect it in the four weeks after the exposure.

A final thought:

Make sure that you make a visit to a medical professional if you think that you are infected. Even if you have a little doubt about that, you must make an appointment for free HIV testing in West Hollywood.