Bay leaf, commonly known as tej patta is a commonly used flavored herb in Asian countries. These leaves are always used in the dried form for adding flavors in most of the dishes. But the benefits of bay leaves for hair are priceless as they can be used in the powdery form right from the kitchen. To those searching for natural remedies for skin care and hair, your search ends here.

Applying the leaves of this aromatic herb over skin and hair can result in many great beauty benefits. In reality, the fact that bay leaf can even be used for purposes other than cooking is still unknown to many. People ought to know that this herb is loaded with medicinal and nutritional properties. So, continue reading to find out interesting and easy remedies devised using bay leaves.

Hair related benefits using  Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves can act as remarkable supplements for your hair by providing the following benefits-

1. Smooth hair / Natural Hair Conditioner

Antioxidants present in the bay leaf can help smoothen your hair and also render them smooth and shiny. The steps include boiling bay leaf in a pan full of water for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can turn off the flame once you feel the aroma is released out. This can even be stored in a container and used upon the damp hair every alternate day before applying shampoo.

2. Avoiding Bacteria and fungal infection over the scalp

Your scalp may become a victim of fungal and bacterial infection due to many reasons, for example, irregular oiling of hair. But don’t worry because bay leaf possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that help kill the infection on the scalp. Rinsing your hair with bay leaf water every day can help to cure the scalp infections.

3. Treating dandruff and itchy scalp

The mixture of ground bay leaf powder with coconut oil forms a paste. Applying this herbal paste to the itchy areas and rinsing with bay leaf water can lead up to visibly better results. Repeat this every day for visibly better results in terms of controlling dandruff and reducing itchiness too.

4. Helps to get rid of lice

Lice can multiply by lakhs within ten days time period. Bay leaf water is medicine to both lice treatment on the hair and also cleaning the scalp thoroughly. This makes for one of the most charming benefits of bay leaves for hair.

5. Helps in Hair Regrowth

According to a recent study says, bay leaves help boost hair growth and also lead to stronger hair. Various ayurvedic oils, enriched with bay leaves either in watered or powdered form, are available for this purpose.

6. Helps to Control Hair fall

Hair fall is a major health issue, and bay leaves powder help to prevent this by strengthening your hair roots. The best aspect of this is that the remedy can be prepared at home. Just crush some bay leaves in a grinder followed by adding a few drops of lemon and curd. Mix it together and apply the solution to your scalp daily.

The Bottom Line

We just went through some of the benefits that bay leaves have for hair. Obviously, a plethora of hair related problems can be solved using bay leaf and its water. Hence, we recommend these practices to be put into use by the masses.