Acupuncture has become a useful alternative therapy to treat various health problems, including infertility. In the case of women seeking to become pregnant, acupuncture is beneficial because it helps regulate the body’s natural functioning and promotes general well-being. This, on the one hand, increases the possibilities of conceiving and, on the other hand, allows women to deal with fertility treatment with greater tranquility.

Infertility and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique that involves placing fine needles at certain points in the body. The needles stimulate these points, which are located in paths of energy, which are called meridians.

Following the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine, infertility is due to the fact that the “Chi” of the liver in the woman is congested, affecting the blood flow in the pelvic cavity. Acupuncture for fertility stimulates brain activity, thereby segregating the hormones responsible for activating the ovaries, adrenal glands, and other organs that are part of the reproductive process.

This treatment improves the quality of the eggs, in each menstrual cycle, and favors the fertility of the uterus, by achieving better quality in the formation of the endometrium. As the treatment relieves stress and improves blood flow to the ovarian area, acupuncture can increase the chances of achieving conception and is often considered as a therapy that complements modern fertility treatments.

Acupuncture for fertility in women always focuses on the stimulation of the central nervous system but also focuses on:

  • Acupuncture increases blood flow to the reproductive organs.
  • Stabilize hormone levels to increase male sperm production.
  • Improve/regulate the female cycle or ovulatory.
  • Acupuncture favors relaxation and helps in maintaining a positive mental attitude.

Acupuncture and Female Fertility

Acupuncture and fertility are related, in the case of women, with the ability of the first to help regulate the menstrual cycle by stabilizing hormone levels. It may also be used in cases of endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

On the other hand, the introduction of needles at various strategic points can help improve blood flow in the uterus facilitating implantation in the endometrium. And finally, a greater degree of well-being in women, facilitated in part by the segregation of endorphins, reduces the stress inherent infertility treatment, creating a much more favorable environment for gestation.

For all of the above, infertile women are advised to begin acupuncture sessions to become pregnant several months before being subjected to fertility treatment, as it is recommended to the future pregnant woman to take care of certain health habits (eating, quitting, or drinking alcohol, sports, etc.).

Acupuncture Points for Fertility

Some gynecologists and medical specialists recommend that acupuncture for fertility can improve overall fertility and reduce stress levels, which are closely related to the entire hormonal system. Several studies have shown that women who have undergone acupuncture treatments to improve their fertility have had better results in conceiving either naturally or with fertility treatments.

The acupuncture points to be treated are what is related to the stress and nervousness problems, and those that affect the neck and neck pains since they are considered as opposed to the uterus. The most important thing is to go to a good acupuncturist for which you must review his training, certificates, and licenses, to enable this type of treatment.

Once the pregnancy is achieved, you can continue with acupuncture treatments as they are effective and safe therapies for pregnant women, although there are some points triggered in acupuncture treatments, which can be risky during pregnancy to be able to stimulate the contractions of the uterus and induce labor.