Living in this fast-paced world, everyone globally suffers from stress! Hence, all people want to know is what are the 6 secret foods for instant stress relief? From working professionals to homemakers, everyone in modern time suffers from stress. Hence, the food items mentioned here will help in reducing stress.

You will get to know about the different homemade food that will help you get relief from stress. However, some of the things mentioned in this list can be bought from outside also without having to preparer at home. Have a look at it!

What are the 6 secret foods for instant stress relief?

This list will have to start with tea. Though not all types of tea are helpful, herbal tea always helps in reducing stress.

1. Herbal tea

Herbal tea

Drinking a cup of warm tea is an excellent way to feel calmer. Instead of just the nutrients, food and drinks reduce stress by inducing a feeling. Various studies have shown that sipping warm beverages increases interpersonal feelings and warmth. It is a soothing effect that helps people to relax substantially and reduce stress.

If one wants to wind down, herbal tea is ideal. However, people who want to relax yet need some caffeine in the system can choose green tea. Hence, herbal tea is one of the best 6 secret foods for instant stress relief.

2. Salmon


Another food item that helps in reducing stress greatly is Salmon. These fish consist of nutrients that promote a healthy brain as it includes fatty acids and Vitamin D. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic) assists in regulating neurotransmitter dopamine along with serotonin that has relaxing and calming properties which are necessary from stress relief.

Moreover, various researches have shown that these acids are responsible for reducing inflammation and also prevent dysfunction of brain cell which leads to several mental disorders such as anxiety. Hence, salmon is another one of the best 6 secret foods for instant stress relief.

3. Consuming dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Involving dark chocolate in a diet assists in reducing stress and easing anxiety. It contains flavonols that are antioxidants that benefit brain function. Simply by improving the flow of blood in a human’s brain, it promotes the ability to adapt to numerous stressful scenarios.

Therefore, it allows people to adjust better whenever a stressful situation arises and prevent them from getting anxiety and more. In addition, it also increases serotonin in the body that assists in reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Chamomile


It is an herb that reduces anxiety. Chamomile has massive antioxidants in it which reduces inflammation, which in turn, decreases anxiety risk. Various studies have proved the relation between anxiety relief and chamomile, which makes it one of the best 6 secret foods for instant stress relief.

Since it has properties like anti-oxidants in it that help in relaxing, Chamomile tea has become quite common among people to reduce stress on a daily basis. However, for the best result, one will have to get chamomile extracts.

5. Fiber-rich foods

Fiber rich foods

Food with high fiber content plays a crucial role when it comes to lowering stress. A diet that consists of high fiber is associated with relief from depression, reduction in stress and anxiety, etc. For adding more fiber, one can start eating green peas, beans, almonds, berries, sesame seeds, pistachios, etc. are some of the best 6 secret foods for instant stress relief.

One can use these to create broth and enjoy the benefits of vegetable broth along with stress reduction. Also, opting for whole grains helps in increasing fiber content, which leads to stress relief.

6. Citrus and other fruits which contain vitamin C

vitamin C

It has been found in studies that ample vitamin C aids in reducing stress levels. Apart from reducing stress massively, it assists in preventing anxiety. Hence, people should opt for fruits such as oranges, strawberries, grapefruits, etc. which have high vitamin C content in it.

These are the 6 secret foods for instant stress relief. If you have to deal with a stressful situation in your professional or personal life regularly, try these food items mentioned in this list. It will help in reducing stress significantly.