If there is a second thing I despise after green tea, it has to be unwelcomed, unnecessary seasonal allergies. And look at the irony! I cannot even help myself with a cup of green tea as its taste makes me want to vomit. So my allergy journey has been quite hectic which is why I have the absolute liberty to comment on how these seasonal allergies can be dealt with. Rather a very kind friend of mine who happens to be one of the best allergy specialists in Rawalpindi Pakistan has been my complete encyclopedia of how seasonal allergies are regulated.

What are some Common Seasonal Allergies and what causes Seasonal Allergies?

Most of these allergies are airborne chemicals that trigger our immune system. These airborne agents include different pathogens and allergies such as pollens, ragweed, cedar, grass, molds, wool and so much more. Your immune system takes any of these allergens as a foriegn threat to your body system and in defense it releases a chemical histamine which creates flu-like symptoms to get rid of the allergens in any way possible.

So if you experience swollen eyes or lips or even puffy cheeks as a reaction to any of the above stated allergens, do know it is due to inflammation caused by secretion of histamine.

So how do you get rid of them? Well, there are many natural home remedies to help you soothe the after-effects of your allergy. However most of them are edible activities, and yes it does include drinking green tea!

If you are someone like me who cannot tand green tea or anything else for that matter, then this article is the perfect read for you. Over my course of allergies i have come across other natural ways where you can control your allergy symptoms.

1. Cleanse your Nose

When you inhale pollen, they adhere to the damp mucous lining of your nasal membrane. Usually this is why all of a sudden you start sneezing as your body has gone in to shock response to get rid of the allergen. If you suspect it to be a pollen allergy, get yourself a nasal pot. Everytime you sneeze, get yourself a nasal pot/ neti pot. You can look up how to use a neti pot effectively. Apart from using the pot you can also incorporate some nasal oils or sinus irrigator.

2. Acupuncture

Another recent effective way for treating allergies has been to try acupuncture. Believe me on this, I got mine done from Southeast hospital. Acupuncture is an ancient chinese therapy where the underlying imbalances of the body are addressed and can greatly help in getting rid of severe allergy symptoms. Based on the type of your allergy an acupuncturist will draft your treatment plan and then apply the treatment likewise.

3. Herbal Remedies

There are many herbal remedies out there, however the most effective that helped me in my allergy has been European shrub commonly known as Butterber. The chemical composition behind this herb is the antihistamines reaction that helps with the histamine reaction.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar for the Win

AVC is naturally sought as a liquid which boosts the immune system and helps break mucus membrane. It has also been known to support lymphatic drainage. For a delicious ACV drink, take half a glass of apple juice and fill it with water. Now add a pinch of cinnamon and two teaspoons of ACV. do this earliest in the morning to relieve any signs of allergy symptoms as soon as possible.

5. Detoxing your Body

Often allergies are exaggerated due to the toxins in the body. The liver is a great mediator of inflammation and works overtime for detoxing alcohol stress, medications and processed foods. Therefore it is important to try liver supportive foods and herbs such as citrus fruits, nuts, milk thistle, artichoke etc. if you opt for green juicing that is also a very healthy alternative to detoxing your body.

6. Use essential oils

Essential oils can be found in any naturally sourced recipe. Be it cups of tea, massage il, an oil diffuser there are many options where essential oils have helped in fighting inflammation or boosting the immune system. Using essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, basil, and peppermint can drastically improve your allergy and even soothe down your sneezing problem.

Bottom Line

Allergies are not pretty and rather jugging down colorful tablets, it is always better to start with what you have in your own control. Make sure to take small measures such as changing your pillowcases, cleaning your carpets, using face masks when pollen season comes on the rise. If your allergic reactions are not getting the right treatment, you can consult with a homeopathic doctor straight away.