Many of us know the fact that cancer is a deadly disease which eventually leads to the death of an individual who is affected by the disease. The identification of these cells is done with the abnormal growth of the cells in the body. Hence rather than calling Cancer as a disease, we can specify it as a syndrome which is caused due to the biological changes in the body. Recent reports reveal that nearly 15 million people are getting affected by this syndrome every year and there are also some rough calculations estimating the number of people to be gradually increased to about 20 million in the next 5 to 10 years, which is really threatening many people.

It is very much difficult to analyze cancer in an individual during the initial stages as there won’t be any revelation of the symptoms from the individual’s immune. But as the syndrome slowly develops it shows some signs of pain in the affected region or sometimes there may be cough, sudden loss in weight can be experienced and also pneumonia is considered to be one of the common symptoms of cancer. In addition, people who are diagnosed with tuberculosis and ulcer may have some connections and possibilities of acquiring cancer. We are engulfed in having a discussion on “How to prevent cancer?” and also the major causes for the occurrence of these syndromes in our immune system in this article.

What Causes Cancer in Humans?

The routine habit of alcohol consumption and smoking are said to be the first and foremost reason for this problem. But, in contrary to the above fact, it can also be said that unhealthy food practices and improper lifestyle can also be some of the common causes of cancer. Getting exposed to radiations, having cancer as family history and some infections caused by the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus are also found to be the root causes of cancer.

Possible Ways to Prevent Cancer:

It is not possible to get completely restricted from the syndrome but we can minimize the chances of occurrence up to 70% if we start to follow strict guidelines and measures. Adapting yourself to a new lifestyle which can avoid pollution, unprotected sex, smoking and alcohol consumption and unhealthy diet practices can surely prevent yourself from being a victim to this syndrome.

pH Level:

Maintaining the blood pH levels on a specified range is very much important as they are responsible for providing resistance to the immune system to fight against the invasion of various diseases. Regular Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking may drastically reduce the pH levels in the body which in turn affects the immune strength and allows the development of cancer cells in the body. When the pH levels reduce, the enzymes present in the digestive system does not function properly and paves the wave to increase the toxicity in blood vessels. The growth of the cancer cells is possible only in a state where the oxygen levels are minimally found. This scenario also absorbs the sodium and calcium contents in the body thus leading to defects like osteoporosis.

Alkaline Diets:

Alkaline diets are the healthy foods which we consume regularly as a part of our routine. It is obvious, only if the diet is very much healthy we can be assured of maintaining a healthy level of blood circulation and blood levels in the body. Also, consumption of healthy foods will also increase the pH levels of a person and also helps to replace the dead and unhealthy cells with the formation of new cells and also provides the required amount of healthy enzymes required by the digestive system to ensure smooth functioning of the system. Raw fruits, vegetables are some of the most common alkaline foods which must be included in the diets to protect yourself from cancer.

Physical Activity:

Physical activity in any form is compulsory for each and every human being to maintain the reputation of a healthy body and mind. Usually, people who do not follow any physical activities in their routine become obese at a stage which can be the cause of cancer in them. Recent studies have revealed that around 25% to 30% of cancer affected patients acquired the disease due to the obesity problems. It is necessary for every human being to do 30 to 60 minutes of regular exercises to avoid getting exposed to cancer. It also helps to protect you from other diseases as well.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol:

Consumption of Tobacco products in any form and alcohol proves to account for more number of cancer patients when compared to the other ailments. The reason being that the nicotine contents in the tobacco automatically reduces the oxygen levels in the blood and changes the pH levels of the body. The people who chew tobacco products usually get affected with the mouth cancer whereas the people who consume alcohol are more or less affected with the failure of important organs in the body like the liver, abdomen, pancreas or the rectum and helps in the formation of cancer.

Genetic Disorders:

The genes which are present in each and every cell in your body may also be one among the most important causes for the occurrence of cancer on a minimal level. These genes might have been actually inherited from your parent cells. Nearly 3/4th of the cancers which isolates in the breast and the ovarian cancer are due to the inheritance of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes from your parental genes. Prevention of this syndrome can only be done if the patient undergoes mammogram test to detect the exact location of the cancer cells.

Radiation and Smoking:

When you get exposed to the radiations for a considerable amount of time, there are chances that you may acquire the syndrome to be invaded into your body. This can be approximated to around 10% on an average basis. Usually, the mid-level diseases like melanoma are caused due to the radiations which completely destroys the nature of the skin. Also, smoking contributes to a greater extent as they damage the blood cells and the nerves through the intake of nicotine.