This is a burning question of Bangladesh. Despite a tropical country, do the people of Bangladesh get sufficient Vitamin D?

Majority of the population in Bangladesh are currently suffering from vitamin D deficiency due to their modern lifestyle, Indore staying, traditional clothing, social perspective and skin pigmentation.

According to a recent clinical study done by Beximco conducted by Bangladesh Orthopaedic society in hospital following results have revealed. To take care of eye, This vitamin is essential.

Vitamin D status of Bangladeshi people summary

  • 89.8% of people are deficient.
  • 8. 3% of people are insufficient.
  • 1. 9% of people are sufficient.

The title of the study was “Evaluation of vitamin D status among Doctors of a specialised Hospital in Bangladesh“. The hospital was NITOR. TOTAL NUMBER OF DOCTORS WAS 157. The reference will be found in Bangladesh journal of orthopaedics society, volume 31 number 2, 2016.

The scale was to determine the definition insufficient and sufficient are given below.

  • If vitamin D level is less than 20 Nanogram per ml was labelled deficient.
  • If vitamin D level is between 21 to 29 Nanogram per ml is labelled as insufficient.
  • E vitamin D level is above 30 Nanogram per ml is labelled as sufficient.

The more astonishing finding of this study where

  • Hundred percent females of this study are found vitamin D deficiency.
  • Hundred percent patients with chronic heart disease are Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency rate is higher among young adult whose age is lower than 30 years.

Participants who had a history of vitamin D supplementation has a significantly lower rate of vitamin D deficiency.

vitamin D supplementation might be considered following the Massive prevalence of vitamin D deficiency.

Get Vitamin D to Become Ideal Father

New research shows that a father’s pre-conception vitamin D intake is associated with height and five years old. Maternal vitamin D consumption during pre-pregnancy has been found to have an essential role in offspring musculoskeletal and overall health. However, whether a father’s vitamin D consumption during pre-conception can affect the health and development of their offspring has received little attention.

This analysis studied the prospective relationship between pre-conception paternal vitamin D offspring height and weight. Data from the Lifeways Cross-Generation Cohort Study – a unique longitudinal database in Ireland. Information on fatherly vitamin D consumption from baseline food frequency questionnaires and children’s height and weight measurements were ready for 213 and 148 father-child pairs when children were aged Five and Nine years respectively.

The sunlight is needed for the body to generate vitamin D, so the authors also looked at the number of hours kids aged five spent playing outdoors during summer. They found that spending 3 or more hours playing outside during weekends was related to increased height at five years of age. The authors conclude, “Paternal vitamin D intake was positively and prospectively correlated with offspring’s height and weight at five years old, independent of maternal characteristics, meriting further research of familial dietary pathways.” They add, “One idea this may occur is that father’s nourishment status may somehow influence the health, function of their germ cells, which are involved in replication. Thus, maternal nourishment may not be the only key factor in offspring’s growth improvement and health.”

To ensure optimum vitamin D level among all, we should prescribe the latest medicine which is cholecalciferol.

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The ideal dose is 40000 International capsule once a week for 7 weeks.

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If you have any query about vitamin D deficiency of vitamin D status in Bangladesh, you can share your view in the comment box.