melasma remedy

Melasma is known scientifically as facial hyper melanosis that usually affects women who become pregnant. Throughout this article, we will discover some remedies for melasma with very effective natural alternatives.

Although melasma usually affects pregnant women, some studies show its presence in men. The reason is that the melasma on the face usually manifests in those areas that are exposed to the sun. Thus, prolonged exposure can cause its appearance.

How can we identify melasma? If we have brown spots on the cheeks or forehead, we may be facing a dyschromia that can be melasma. Next, we will see some remedies for melasma that can help us improve the appearance of the skin.

Natural Remedies for Melasma

1. Pine Bark Extract

According to studies, the depigmenting effect of pine bark extract has given positive results in the case of facial pigmentation, so it is effective as a remedy for melasma. According to the research itself, this treatment was safe and effective.

The conclusions were clear. The treatment with pine bark extract was a success, which improved the quality of life of the patients, as well as their skin. Well, this home remedy increases hydration and elasticity, as well as helps to delay the aging of the skin. But how can we take advantage of it?

To benefit from this first of the remedies for melasma is necessary to consume it orally. The way to find the extract of pine bark is with the name of the pycnogenol supplements.

2. Vitamin C

This is another of the remedies for melasma, which is to provide the skin with vitamin C. Why is this vitamin so important? Because it has a powerful antioxidant action, which helps the skin look more luminous, elastic and have a more uniform appearance.

Likewise, it favors the elimination of all those spots that may occur. How can we use this solution?

  • It can be applied topically by acquiring vitamin C concentrate in any natural store.
  • We will use the concentrate at night with clean skin.
  • We will apply it as a serum or oil.
  • If we have very dry skin, we can use our favorite cream on top.

3. Peloides

This last of the remedies for melasma was also the object of study and the results that it showed were quite encouraging. The peloids of “Santa Lucia” are known as “medicinal mud”. They are composed of mineral-medicinal water and a solid component that gives it its mud aspect.

Its properties help treat skin problems such as psoriasis or acne. Its benefits also allow improving the melasma present in our skin. However, how can we use this natural remedy?

  • They are bought in the form of a mask.
  • It is applied directly to the skin according to the indications on the package.

All the remedies for melasma mentioned are natural. This means that, despite the good results observed, it is necessary to be constant in its application to see how the melasma begins to disappear progressively.

If we have any other skin condition or are following treatment, it is important to tell our dermatologist about these options. In addition, more studies are required to demonstrate the efficacy of the remedies exposed. Have you ever tried these 3 natural alternatives for the skin?