Do you think your child might need orthodontist services? In Australia, most dental care for children is subsidized through the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. This fact helps to make kid’s orthodontist services more affordable for parents.

However, it’s essential to know some of the most common procedures performed by orthodontists, which goes beyond primary dental care like cleaning procedures. Below are some of the common orthodontic conditions and treatments for kids:


This problem is a malocclusion (bite) one in which the child’s top teeth and bottom teeth don’t end up in the proper position when he or she bites. There are different causes of this dental condition, including tooth or jaw position. In some cases, it’s the combination of both factors. A crossbite can happen in the front teeth or back teeth.  

There are various reasons why an orthodontist should treat this particular condition:

  • Might cause bite/breathing problems due to jaw and palate problems
  • Jaw growth problems among children and teens
  • Front-teeth crossbites can cause tooth or gum issues when untreated

It’s vital for a child to receive early treatments to help minimize future problems. Your child’s orthodontist can help to determine the best treatments based on the particular situation. Meanwhile, if the dental condition doesn’t receive any treatments, it can become worse over time.

Open bite

This type is another one of the dental problems that some children experience. It’s important for your child to receive treatments since open bite can affect everyday activities like eating or talking. It can also cause drooling due to the mouth not sealing properly.

The good news is there are various orthodontic treatments that can help to treat an open bite. They include braces and tooth extraction.

An open bite happens when the child’s upper and lower teeth are unable to contact during a closed mouth. Open bite’s severity is based on various factors, including:

  • Face and jaw structure
  • Teeth/Gum formation
  • Lifestyle habits

Based on past studies, the most common cause of open bite is inherited genetic conditions. However, there are other common causes, including thumb-sucking and missing, extra, or impacted teeth.

If your son or daughter has open bite, it’s important to know that this is a somewhat common condition. In fact, studies show that about 4% of children have an open bite.

However, the problem can become worse over time and especially during teenage years.  

There are also different kinds of open bite. These are technical issues that an orthodontist can help to sort out since they have the knowledge, experience, and equipment for that. They can also provide suggestions about the best treatment options based on the situation.

Child Braces

Your child might require braces for treating various dental problems that teeth aligning can improve. There are different parts of orthopedic braces including:

Brackets: Metal or ceramic pieces with a slot that holds and supports archwire

Arch wire: Wire that attaches the braces and helps to guide and move teeth

Elastics: Small rubber bands that move teeth better to improve bite and line up teeth.

The average time period for wearing braces is one year during the first phase. However, this timeframe might be different based on your child’s needs. An X-factor is today’s dental braces are more kid-friendly than the ones in the past.

If your child has an open bite, crossbite, or any other condition, a kids orthodontist can conduct tests like X-rays to determine the best treatment for your son or daughter, such as braces. The right treatment can then help put a smile on their face.