You must have heard how many sportsmen ended their careers because of having a torn ACL. An anterior Cruciate Ligament tear is one of the most feared injuries in the sports industry. This can be quite painful and get the person on bed rest for a few months. If you have a small partial tear instead of a full-blown one, you might not need surgery for your ACL.

This can happen due to multiple reasons such as a car accident, or even some other trauma. This goes all the way from the back of your leg to the middle part of your knee. We have talked to some leading surgeons in the field to figure out which cases actually need surgery.

In cases where the individual has a physically demanding job or lifestyle

In case you have gotten a full tear in your ACL, you will need surgery. Once the doctor has dealt with the inflammation and pain arising from the injury, they will then talk to you about your lifestyle and your job. This will give them some information about what type of activity level you usually deal with.

Regardless of your age, if you are into competitive sports, you will definitely need surgery if you want to continue to compete after your healing period. You will definitely need a stable knee if you want to keep jumping around and put a lot of pressure on it. If you have a physically demanding job, you will still need surgery in order to continue your work. People who work as carpenters or warehouse workers might need to get the surgery.

In cases where the individual has knee instability

If you end up having major knee instability, you will need surgery to repair your ACL. You will need to get a good orthopedic knee surgeon so that you have a better chance at recovery. Having major knee instability can increase the possibility of falls and accidents. This will leave you severely injured, so it is better to get it fixed in the first few months after your initial injury occurred.

In cases of menisci damage

If there has been severe damage to other ligaments surrounding your ACL, such as the meniscus, you will most definitely need surgery. The meniscus is the cartilage that helps provide some cushion between your bones so that they do not grind together. There are a few tears in the meniscus that can be repaired, but you need to check with your surgeon.

The procedure

Your surgeon will use a graft to replace your ACL. This graft will either be made out of tissue from a human donor, or part of your own hamstring. Talk to your surgeon about what procedure they will use. Most try to use minimally invasive procedures that require a combination of small instruments, small incisions, and fiber optics. They will be using a bigger incision in order to get the graft from your body.

A torn ACL is no joke and can cause immense pain. Talk to your surgeon about the best options for you.