Medical tourism is a term coined that covers patients traveling worldwide for tourism purposes, clubbing their requirements for the treatment of acute illness, and elective medical procedures, such as cardiology, among others. The Indian Government is also taking special initiatives in this respect and plan to begin overseas marketing of India as a medical tourism destination. The Government of India is of the feeling that by showcasing India as a worldwide medical tourism and travel destination, it could capitalize on the low-cost, top-notch medical care available in the country.

India A Favourite Place For Leisure & Medical Tourism

India touted as one of the preferred destinations for information technology majors, is currently developing as the favorite destination for medical or health tourism, especially in the field of cardiology. The government of India, state tourism boards, travel agents, tour operators, hotel companies, and private sector hospitals are looking at the medical tourism industry for huge opportunities. They are trying to capitalize on the opportunities, by clubbing the nation’s prominent leisure tourism with medical tourism.

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Other Countries Lagging In Timely & Affordable Medical Care

Countries, especially India have been quick to spot that the Western world isn’t providing timely and affordable medical care to its citizens. In both the United States and Canada, it isn’t unprecedented to wait for more than 4 months to be seen after a referral is made. Moreover, there is more waiting time while tests are scheduled. Additional time elapses awaiting the test results. If the result is that there is a requirement for an operation, it could be a few more weeks before surgery is scheduled. Non-emergency medical attention may be extended for up to two years. In India, there is no such wait time. Besides due to the world-class treatment given in any top heart hospital in India, patients from all over the world come here to get better and healthy.

What Makes It So Appealing?

Mainly it’s the cost factor and quality of the treatment. The medical expenses in India are much less than the costs for the same treatment in the US/Europe. For example, heart surgery costs $6,000 in India while in the US it is $30,000. Moreover, due to the latest medical equipment and infrastructure, internationally qualified cardiologists, and heart surgeons, foreign patients throng the heart hospitals in India.

Moreover, at a top heart hospital in India, the patient can expect immediate attention, without waiting for several months like in most western countries. India’s top private chain of hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Max HealthCare are recognized worldwide for their cutting edge facilities and diagnostic centers, apart from unbeatable technical skills. The technology and procedures in these facilities are best in class and comparable to facilities in developed countries.

Last but not the least, foreign patients can expect to get attractive package deals that include and are not limited to flights, transfers, hotels, treatment, and post-operative vacation, for their medical-related visits to the country. India boasts state-of-the-art post-operative facilities, that help speedy recuperation and healing in an effective manner.


Customized packages designed to cover everything from airport pick-ups to extra facilities like service apartment bookings, special dietary concerns through a personal chef, and a personalized holiday plan set up by travel agents allow the medical tourists to not only regain good health but also explore India. Those eager to sidestep the unending waiting list and prohibitive costs of health care back home can choose to combine quality wellness programs and medical care with sightseeing, holidaying, and concept get-away packages, thanks to the fast-growing and foreign market-oriented Indian medical tourism industry.