Though Invisalign braces are recognized as the ideal substitute of the traditional ones, yet the result may not be satisfied every time. Earlier people dismiss the plan of undergoing traditional braces as they are made up of metal wires. And it ruins their appearance.

But with the introduction of transparent braces, people regain their confidence to treat crooked teeth because it retains the appearance as it is made up of clear plastic. Still, there are some secrets which must be considered by the patients to take the final decision. So, we have to know those secrets first.

Thus, let’s explore them together.

Recommendable 22 hours wearing time

Generally, the time period to wear the Invisalign braces is long 22 hours. But have you ever thought what will you do with this braces during a party time? It is quite annoying to attend any party or ceremonies with this.

Moreover, if you strictly adhere to the time to use it, then you can’t consume anything in the functions and parties. But obviously, there is a solution to it that is to carry the aligner case and an additional toothbrush every time along with you. This solution allows you to enjoy any party and function fully.

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You may feel additional attachments unexpectedly

Before you undergo Invisalign treatment in London, you must collect every piece of crucial information associated with this treatment. Though it is very convenient to use yet the treatment procedure involves with additional attachments like enamel-coloured ridges and sticks. It can be the main cause of the extreme pressure, you are experiencing after the treatment is over.

Actually it is the brace brackets which have the key responsibility of shifting the teeth to its actual position. Otherwise the result will get hindrance and you have to tolerate with your dental issue than that of the expected time period.

Give a Goodbye Kiss to your lipstick

It is undeniable that makeup has a sole part in the lives of women. There are a few cosmetics which are among of the daily part. Lipstick is one such makeup component. While undergoing the treatment of Invisalign Braces, you have to bid adieu to the lipsticks and lip gloss of varied colours.

If you can’t resist yourself from applying these, then you must change the choice of colours into neutral ones. During application, you have to be careful because sometimes these components release waxy residues on the transparent aligners.    

Kissing can be problematic

Although you can retain your wonderful appearance but the presence of giant plastic brace is unavoidable. It is the only “mojo quencher” to kill the love life of the patients. Being intimate in a relationship is quite obvious and kiss is just a medium to shower the love on your beloved.

So, kissing someone with this brace in the mouth can be awkward as well as a barrier-like. Well, you can wholly utilize the freebie minutes you get as a spare from your new companion.  

Say “No” to manicures

It is true that the installation and removal procedure of the Invisalign braces is quite easy. But you have to take help of your nails for doing so hassle-freely. Thus, during this treatment period, you have to keep your nails and stop manicuring. Rather than this, stick to painting of your long nails as per your wish. 

It can get stained easily

The attachment can get stained easily if you follow a regimented habit of brushing. Food debris, colour and stain from coffee and tea hampers the transparency of the clear braces. You will find that it has no longer white and a yellowish patches can be easily noticed from a distance. It is more unhygienic and thus after having any drinks or food brushing is a must! 

You have to brush multiple times a day

Braces are only reliable for treating teeth gap and crooked teeth. It has no role to play for the stuck food debris and particles. But immediate removal of it is necessary otherwise it will lead to plaque, cavities and tooth decay. Moreover, covering the teeth with these residues by the braces can end up with any dangerous oral infection.

Hence, installing a clear dental brace means brushing the teeth multiple times after eating or drinking anything. You have to carry it along with you in your bag every time. A wide range of toothbrushes are available in the market and you can select any as per your requirement.  

Weight loss can be experienced

Once you are done with the treatment of Invisalign invisible braces in London, weight loss can be influenced to a great extent. This is so, because brushing for several times a day is really annoying. Thence, the patient of Invisalign braces stick to have meals only three times a day.

By this way the rate of overeating gets alleviated efficiently which will result in shedding off excess pounds from the body. It will also limit the intake of extra calorie, fat and carbs, the nutrients which influence weight gain.  

Whitening is not the ultimate target

When you have obtained this treatment, don’t think that whitening teeth means the completion of the treatment. You have to wait till end of the tenure of the treatment to get exact shape of the teeth. Moreover, there is a high probability of perking of the enamel because of frequent brushing and avoid of stain-causing beverages.

Prefer only Cold Water

During the tenure of the Invisalign brace treatment, you must drink always cold water. Hot beverages can result in staining if the braces which need to be replaced immediately. Moreover, the hotness can deform the plastic brace making it more vulnerable for the teeth.

Savoury items, juices and other beverages are also equalled responsible for the stain. Even it has been proved that the consumption of diluted white wine results in staining of the braces permanently. 

A Refinement Period is there

Basically, 40 new sets of brace are required for fixing the crooked and mispositioned teeth. But in this orthodontic treatment another refinement period is there in which the patients are offered to use the clear retainer for fixing the stubborn teeth. The retainers perform incredibly on shifting the position slightly. Hence, it is used in the last for providing the last touches to the treatment.

Most people consider these as the unavoidable-cons of the Invisalign Braces. Yet a majority of people select it as their ultimate solution to orthodontic problem for its specifications and effectiveness.